Queen Ranias daughter looks flawless in wedding gown

For her wedding to Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, Her Royal Highness Princess Iman wore a stunning Dior wedding gown featuring subtle lace on the bodice and cuffs. She complemented with a long lace veil and a discreet tiara. Her mother Queen Rania also opted for a Dior dress in silver.

Queen Rania shared some beautiful photographs of the special day on her Instagram account with a caption reading: “Oh God, I entrusted you with faith a piece of my heart, in a place my eyes have not seen, and your eyes have not gone away.

“So God protect her from all evil, grant her success and make her heart happy, a thousand congratulations to the sweetest couple.

“Iman, I pray this next chapter in your life brings you as much joy, love, and laughter as you have brought us over the years. Congratulations to the bride and groom!”

Royal fans took to social media to praise the bride’s beautiful dress and many agreed she looked “sublime”.

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Royal fans described the wedding gown as “impeccable” and many opined that it was “the best royal wedding dress” of all time.

Instagram user @mydocuments commented: “An instantly classic wedding gown. The tailoring is utterly impeccable and I adore the lace at the collars/cuffs.”

Royal watcher @girlgotgold agreed saying that it was “a perfect fitting dress” and another one added they all looked “sublime”.

“I love how Rania’s dress colour is beautiful but muted so she almost blends into the background allowing her daughter to shine,” they commented.

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Royal fan and social media user @monsieurlefantome opined that it was the “best royal wedding dress in a long time, gorgeous”.

@adriana.m.dumitra agreed saying: “She looks amazing. It instantly became my favourite royal wedding gown.”

“Such a beautiful and modest wedding dress, she looks so elegant”, added @iiangieii22 and another one, @exrdth, said: “Beautiful and timeless. Tailoring is flawless. Amazing choice.”

Queen Rania of Jordan donned a sophisticated Dior gown from the AW22 Couture Collection in silver with a pleated skirt. She sported jewellery from Fabiosalini Jewelry, a maxi ring in yellow gold and a diamond bracelet.

Instagram user @kellymaps opined Queen Rania looked “very mother of the bride” and the “bride herself looked fantastic”.

Royal watcher @portlandgirl0330 said Queen Rania was “pure elegance” and she looked “stunning”.

Social media user @1961_ava commented: “The bride looks stunning, this is a gorgeous gown, the subtle lace work on the upper bodice and cuffs of her sleeves are a beautiful touch.

“The lace veil is simply beautiful. Not sure about the Queen’s gown, she looks beautiful, but the dress doesn’t appeal to me.

“Regardless of my tastes she looked stunning as mother of the bride and that is all that matters,” they added.

Others opined Queen Rania wore the “perfect dress as mother of bride: classic, chic yet not upstaging bride”.

“Queen Rania looks better than the model,” commented @dpbeachgirl and added she was “absolutely gorgeous” while @asmaghars simply said: “Flawless!”

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