Queen’s best brooches: A look at Her Majesty’s Christmas brooches over the years

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The Queen is rarely seen without a brooch on her lapel, even on Christmas Day. Her Majesty chooses her brooch very carefully each year – often opting for one that matches her outfit. Which brooches has she worn over the past five years? Express.co.uk looks back at the Queen’s iconic brooches.


Last year, Her Majesty wore a purple dress paired with a huge brooch for her annual Christmas speech.

The brooch, officially named the Courtauld Thomson Scallop-Shell Brooch, belonged to the Queen Mother.

It is shaped like a shell and features rows of diamonds with a single pearl cradled at the base.

There are also strings of diamonds of varying lengths suspended underneath the shell.

Designed by Lord Courtauld-Thomson and made in 1919, the Queen Mother wore the brooch often before passing it down to Elizabeth.


In 2019, the Queen opted for a blue gown and a brooch of the same colour to match.

The Prince Albert brooch features a large sapphire surrounded with tiny diamonds.

A gift from Albert to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding in 1840, the brooch has been passed down generations of the Royal Family.

This historical brooch is one of Her Majesty’s favourites and she has worn it on numerous occasions in the past.

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The Scarab brooch was the Queen’s jewel of choice in 2018.

Her Majesty paired the ruby and gold piece with a white dress covered in grey and subtle pink embroidery.

The brooch, which Elizabeth has been seen wearing multiple times in the past, has a sentimental meaning.

It was given to Her Majesty by her late husband, Prince Philip, in 1966.


The Jardine Star brooch is one of the Queen’s lesser known jewels, and she chose to wear it to record her annual Christmas speech in 2017.

The diamond brooch matched the Queen’s white gown with silver and gold embroidered flecks.

Shaped like a star and featuring a diamond at its centre and around its exterior, the brooch is set in silver.

It was given to Her Majesty as a gift by Lady Jardine in 1981.

Interestingly, according to The Court Jeweller, it is not known who Lady Jardine was – her identity remains a mystery.


For her 2016 Christmas speech, the Queen wore a bright, aquamarine-blue dress with a dark blue, velvet neckline.

Her Majesty’s brooch of choice was Queen Victoria’s Pearl and Diamond brooch.

The brooch is encrusted in diamonds and also features dangling pearls.

It first belonged to Queen Victoria, but the Queen Mother later wore the piece often, before it was given to her daughter when she died in 2002.

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