Savvy gardener shares hack to transform patchy lawns using a bathroom item & they say it worked in just 7 days | The Sun

A SAVVY gardener has tried a new TikTok hack to fix her patchy looking lawn using a very unusual item. 

Homespiff – a gardening and home decor channel – decided to try the viral hack, which involves a roll of toilet paper and a lot of water. 

It might seem strange, but the user claims it worked a treat on their grass. 

Over 3 million people have tuned in to see how the weird hack works. 

“Trying the garden TikTok hack,” text reads, to catch viewers’ attention.

The camera focuses on a kitchen countertop featuring a big plastic bowl full of grass seed. 

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Beginning the process, the gardener uses their hand to mix some loo roll into the bowl of grass seed.

As the bowl’s contents turn into a thick pulp, the gardener shares how to give it a go yourself.

“Mix grass seed and toilet paper… have you tried this?” they ask. 

After adding plenty of loo roll to the seed mix, the gardener takes their camera outside to the garden. 

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It’s clear their lawn needs some TLC – there’s big brown patches of exposed dry soil where the grass has worn away and stopped growing. 

To fix the problem, they pick up small handfuls of their DIY pulp and slap it onto the bare bits of ground. 

The gardener pats down the pulp to spread it across the bare spaces, then zooms out to show viewers the full effect.

It’s not the prettiest look, but there’s toilet paper and grass seed pulp scattered all across the lawn. 

All the gardener could do was keep their fingers crossed and, seven days later, there’s some big progress. 

“After seven days,” the text reads, as they zoom into the tissue mix. 

The tissue is no longer smooth and white – there’s little blades of grass growing through it from the ground. 

“It worked,” they exclaim, as the video ends. 

Viewers were stunned by the new hack, while others were completely bemused.

One user replied: “I forgot the grass seeds when attempting this.”

A second commented: “Not me thinking ‘why are they putting concrete in the grass’ because I didn’t read it.”

And a third said: “I tried this last year and it works. I tried with and without on two patches and honestly the one with the toilet paper grew more.”

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