Shoppers joke that Home Bargains’ latex Halloween scars look like vaginas – The Sun

JUST a few days into September, retailers have already started flogging their Halloween ranges.

But unfortunately for Home Bargains, one of their costume accessories isn't quite providing the scares it's supposed to.

The cut-price store is selling latex scars, which are designed to be stuck onto the skin to mimic healing bloody wounds.

However, when a snap of the products was posted to local Facebook group Spotted Newton Abbot last week, they were compared to something a little different.

Hilariously, members of the group reckoned they looked more like vaginas.

The image has now been shared numerous times, racking up over 150 comments.

One person wrote: "Glad you said it's Home Bargains, I thought it was Ann Summers."

Others said: "Must admit my first thoughts were not Halloween related," "I thought that was something else," and: "I had to double look at that, to see what it was."

"Stop fannying around," joked one commenter.

One particularly gruesome message read: "The painters are in."

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