Stacey Solomon shares amazing cupboard organisation hack and all you need is a board from Poundland

STACEY Solomon has shared her clever hack for organising her messy cupboard – and all you need is a peg board from Poundland. 

The mum-of-three shared snaps of her messy TV cabinet, revealing it was full of her boys’ games and a tangle of wires. 

So the 30-year-old decided to tackle it once and for all, after waiting for eight-month-old Rex – and partner Joe Swash – to go down for a nap.

The Loose Women star shared the step-by-step process to Instagram, revealing the brilliant idea she had to organise it.

She said: “Morning nap time has well and truly begun to so I’m going to put Pickle in his cot and sort out the TV cabinet.

“I’ve had an idea but I don’t know if it will work / fit.”

Stacey revealed she bought a peg board to sort out the games and consoles, and despite having to take the doors off the cupboard it fitted perfectly.

She added: “Omg it actually fits.

“I grabbed another peg board in the hope it would fit in this cupboard (should have measured it.)

“I had to take the doors off but it’s in and exactly the right size.

“These boards come in all different sizes I’ve seen tiny ones and giant ones.

“This one is from Ikea but I’ve seen them in the pound shop, Wilko’s, EVERYWHERE and you can choose different attachments for whatever you’re using.”

She used various accessories to stash all the gear and found one which perfectly fitted the consoles – although she added a piece of cardboard to stop them falling through.

Stacey sorted memory cards, wires and gaming devices neatly off the floor by using the peg board, and as she pointed out, they’re only £2 in Poundland.

The mum proudly shared a snap of her handiwork after she’d finished, adding it was “cupboard porn” to her. 

Although she added she didn't permanently fix the board in place, in case she needed to get behind it.

Stacey added: “So I sorted through everything and put misc wires in the wire drawer and untangled EVERYTHING.

“I’m glad the boys are only allowed to play on weekends because I’ll only have to tidy this one a month.” 

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