Stranger stole my outfit from under nightclub toilet door – I was trapped in cubicle completely naked | The Sun

A CLUBBER told of her nightmare when a stranger nicked her clothes from a toilet cubicle.

For reasons she still doesn’t understand Kelsey McWilliam, 31, decided to take her jumpsuit totally off when she nipped to the loo.

But she didn’t bargain on a stranger swiping it from the floor and running off.

Kelsey was left completely nude wearing only a pair of high heels and had no idea what she was going to do.

She said: “I was in sheer panic – just absolute panic.

“I was sitting there minding my own business. I had it on the floor because I had completely undressed for some reason.

“I just saw a hand come under and grab it straight from under the cubicle. My eyes would have widened. I had no way out.”

The unbelievable incident happened in the City Nightclub in Perth back when Kelsey was about 18.

She’d splashed out on a new sparkly blue jumpsuit for the night out with pals.

But she confessed that she didn’t bother putting anything on underneath it, which added to her problem.

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She said: “This is the bit people won’t understand. I was 18 so I had no need for underwear. I wasn’t wearing anything. That’s the worst part of this story.

“I was left completely naked in this cubicle with just a pair of heels on. That’s not a joke. I wish it was.

“Leaving the cubicle was not an option because I had nothing on. I was trapped. My friends must have assumed I was talking to somebody. They weren't looking for me.”

Kelsey didn’t have her handbag or her phone with her so had no way of getting help.

But luckily a random person saw the bizarre theft and volunteered to help her out by getting the jumpsuit back.

Kelsey said: “She made it her mission to help me out, bless her. She was gone for about half an hour.

“In the meantime I’m just sitting in this cubicle. No phone, no nothing. Just me.

"She came back with it, thank goodness, and handed it to me under the cubicle. I never saw her. She left before I could say thank you.”

Kelsey’s saviour said the thief was an older woman in her 50s, who she tracked down in the smoking area.

The make-up artist had no idea what her helper or the robber looked like so wasn’t able to approach either of them.

But after getting dressed she was able to rejoin her pals and get on with her night.

Since then she’s not stripped off completely whenever she’s gone to the toilet on a night out.

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Kelsey said: “It’s just something silly that happened. It’s a tough one to forget. It’s on my mind every time I buy a jumpsuit.

"I always have a little giggle trying one on thinking back to how mad it all was.”

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