Teen mum who fell pregnant at 13 reveals bizarre pregnancy symptoms of ‘violent hunger’ and ‘ouchie boobies’ | The Sun

TEEN mum Maddie Lambert, who fell pregnant at just 13-years-old, has revealed pregnancy symptoms are even more “intense” her second time round. 

Maddie gave birth to little Everly Joy Lambert, now five, in January 2018 when she was just 14-years-old.

Now, she is pregnant with her second child with long-term boyfriend, Randy Crowley. 

Maddie, 20, announced the pregnancy on her social media channels earlier this week.

But she has since revealed that the symptoms she is suffering with one month along are far from ideal.

Among these is “violent hunger” and “ouchie boobies”, as well as tiredness and intense reaction to smells. 

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“Bump is basically bloat at this point,” Maddie said. “But the baby is the size of a poppy seed.

“Fishy smells and tastes are also oddly intensified for me.

“I am a huge salmon girly but I can't bring myself to eat it recently.

“Have also been getting carsick while driving.”

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She added that she is sharing the same “bland” diet as little Everly due to anything flavoursome making her feel “so sick”.

Maddie has previously said that she “gave up her childhood” to become a teen mum. 

Everly, who is now gearing up to start school, goes everywhere with her mum. 

The pair, from Texas, US, regularly go on holidays, shopping trips and out for dinner with Randy.

“She is so mature and so sassy,” Maddie said about her little girl.

The duo started creating social media content when Everly was just four-months-old and have since gained 1.8 million YouTube subscribers invested in their lives. 

Dad Isaac wasn’t present for the first ten months of the tot's life but is now.

Maddie is due to give birth to her second child in April next year, adding on Instagram that the last week of her life has been “filled with so much joy”.

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