Teen’s botched eyelash extensions saw her hospitalised after lashes were glued INSIDE her eye

A TEEN was nearly blinded after a botched lash extension saw her needing hospital treatment after the lashes were glued inside her eye.

Lainey Palmer, 19, claims a trainee lash technician offered to do the job for free after she volunteered as a model for the salon.

But the horse riding teacher says at the end of her ordeal nothing could be done to save her lashes which now won’t grow back, and she was lucky to keep her sight.

Lainey, from Essex, responded to an ad on Facebook from a trainee
technician, but warned people not to be enticed by social media deals and

She said: “I got there and had a patch test and had a reaction to the glue so they said they would use another glue, but I’m not confident they did because it was stinging.

“She was pinching my eyes really hard and I said it was really hurting me.

"I had to tell her to stop three times because it was so painful.

"I will never go with a trainee again and I have told people close to me to never go with a trainee."

Lainey said it felt as if she was being scratched with needles, and the agony was so bad she told the trainee to stop.

The salon’s management offered to remove the lashes for her, but Lainey was in too much pain.

When she got home to her horror she realised the technician had glued the lashes to her actual waterline.

She said: “She didn’t even finish them. It was so sore, I couldn’t let her. It was agony.

“At that point I didn’t want anyone else touching my eyes I was in that much pain so I said I’d go home and come back the next day when they’d calmed down to have them taken off but it was getting worse.

"I knew it wasn’t right.

“I went to the bathroom when I got home to try and wash them off and I could see they were stuck to the inside of my eye.

“My eyes felt like they were being scratched with little needles. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

"Even my boyfriend, Reece, knew it wasn’t right and he’s a boy.”

Lainey called the NHS 111 number, where they advised her to go straight to hospital.

She says doctors told her she was lucky not to have lost her sight, and only her eyeballs were scratched.

Medics washed her eyes out to remove any glue, and when Lainey got home she tried in vain for hours to massage the lashes off.

In desperation, she ended up ripping them out – from her waterline.

Lainey said: “The next day they blew up like balloons. I had to take two days off work.

“I was in so much pain. I got them off after about three hours and it’s lucky that I did.

"I haven’t had eyelashes on since and I used to have them on all the time.

“My eyes are still very sensitive now. Where my eyelashes, sit, when it’s cold or windy, gets really sore.

“They still haven’t grown back properly.

"I used to have nice long lashes and they’ve gone, they’re really short and will never grow back.”

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