Tesco apologises as mum left disgusted by 'racist' T-shirt featuring a black mermaid with ‘too fluffy’ hair

TESCO has apologised after a mum was left disgusted by a “racist” T-shirt in one of their supermarkets. 

Shopper Katie Well was shocked when the garment had the words “her hair is too fluffy” next to a drawing of a black mermaid.

The T-shirt was inspired by the children’s book That’s Not My Mermaid – and Tesco has since vowed to never buy the design again. 

Katie spotted the design when shopping in Kent this week, and was with her two daughters at the time. 

She told Kent Live: “We were walking down the main middle aisle and we saw the set from a distance. I got excited because diversity in clothing is particularly rare.

“I read the text on the shirt and was really shocked. It’s not something any child should read on a t-shirt, and it perpetuates a stereotype – it’s racism."

Tesco has apologised for any offence caused, but has not committed to stopping sales of existing stock, it was reported.

That’s Not My Mermaid was written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells, and is available to buy on Amazon and in bookshops. 

It is part of Usbourne’s “touchy-feely” range, and children can run their fingers along some of the mermaids' features. 

People have also raised the point that touching a black woman’s hair is also problematic, with numerous comment pieces being written about the issue.  

We remain absolutely committed to ensuring that Tesco is a place where everybody is welcome and apologise for any offence caused.

Katie said: “Tesco needs to do better. They clearly need to diversify their purchasing team and be aware of this."

Many people agreed on Twitter, with one saying: “Tesco please explain what’s wrong with the BLACK mermaid’s fluffy hair??”

A spokesperson for Tesco told Fabulous: “We remain absolutely committed to ensuring that Tesco is a place where everybody is welcome and apologise for any offence caused.

"We will not be purchasing any more orders of this product.”

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