The 5 fashion items which should land you in jail – & velour deserves a life sentence, according to a style expert | The Sun

WHETHER you're more into the Bohemian aesthetic or love a fierce power suit, we all have different styles.

But whilst one's fashion preferences are totally subjective, there are some pieces that according to one expert are so bad, they should be considered a crime.

As we see the unfortunate return of some Y2K trends making a comeback, fashion commentator Amber Graafland shares her thoughts on once-loved garments.

''When it comes to crimes against fashion there are five things that should, quite unequivocally, be banned. 

''Yet instead of being relegated to the list of ‘things that just don’t ever look good’, they seem to be served up time and time again, on a loop of cyclical trends.''

And if you're a fan of the the-called infinity scarves, well – it's not good news.

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Sausage legs in PVC leggings

As the temperatures start dropping, many high-street retailers are back with offering faux leather leggings and PVC style bottoms – Marks & Spencer even sell a pair for a relatively affordable £25.

But whilst they might seem like a great wardrobe staple to have in the autumn/winter season, you certainly won't be catching Amber wearing them.

The fashion pro said: ''This eye watering trend just doesn’t want to give up.

''As uncomfortable for the wearer as for the viewer, these tight camel toe inducing monstrosities just create a weird sausage leg effect.''

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Laura Hamilton stunned fans in leather leggings – but for Amber, they're a big no-noCredit: instagram

To infinity and beyond… straight into jail

2010 saw the birth of one of the biggest fashion crimes of all time – the infinity scarf.

Rocked by A-list celebs, such as Jessica Alba, and wannabe influencers on Tumblr and Pinterest, the cosy knit accessory soon became a massive hit.

But looking back at the once-trendy fit, Amber explained why the look has to be binned – ASAP.

''There is simply no good way of styling these. Ever.

''They always come in hideous colours and unattractive prints and then just sit there making you look like you've got a neck sprain, at best. Walk away ladies.''

Low expectations

Whether you love it or hate it, the low-rise denim trend is her to haunt us once again, as models on runways show off their toned bodies.

But even if you're proud of your figure – as you should be no matter what – Amber urged to steer clear of the ultra-low look, explaining it simply had far too much on show.

''No, no, no. This Alexander McQueen 90s throwback is something we really don't need in our lives.

''We get it, you’ve spent hours toning your abs in the gym. Well done.''

The style whizz chuckled: ''We just don’t need to see your six pack, or your bum cheeks, in quite this much detail.''

Micro skirt – a MAJOR offence

Shorter than ever, the mini skirt is now back – this time, in the form of a micro skirt.

However, as adorable as the trend might seem, Amber said the look was simply not for everyone and didn't ''work on most people''.

''Or public transport. Or escalators. Especially not the Stratford one,'' the guru joked.

Velour tracksuits to trek your way into prison

''Spearheading a time of seriously bad sartorial decisions the velour tracksuit became a symbol of Wagdom.

''Even Coleen Rooney has spoken out recently saying she regrets them,'' pointed out Amber.

''Fire hazard aside, why on earth do fashion retailers insist on trying to revive them?''

Unfortunately, whilst these are the biggest crimes you could possibly commit when pairing an outfit, the list doesn't stop there.

Amber went on: ''There are more of course. Sweater vests, not even style icon Kate could make this AW23 trend look good this week.''

Ugg boots are also an ugg-ly look, the fashionista noted.

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''Not a good look, they never were. Ultimate Ugg influencer Sienna Miller, circa 2004, pulled them off for about 5 seconds, but not one living person has looked good in them since.''

Unless worn to do some gardening, Crocs is another type of footwear that's just not flattering – and don't even get us started on acid-wash denim.

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