The Eyes To The Sky is the new Instagram pose bikini-clad celebrities including Amber Gill and Nicole Scherzinger are loving – The Sun

ADMIT it – posing in your bikini for that perfect Insta snap is never NOT awkward.

But where celebs have previously opted for well known classics such as the "Titanic" or fiddling with-your-hair (otherwise known as the "Strandid"), there's a new weird and wonderful pose doing the rounds on Instagram – and it's a little something we like to call the "Eyes to the Sky".

From Love Island's Amber Gill to former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, this Insta-friendly pose involves gazing up at the sky while leaning back or your hands running through your hair.

Alternatively, experts can choose to take this up a notch by combining this new pose with the Sleeping Beauty (i.e. keeping your eyes shut) which took social media by storm earlier this year.

That said, you can make like Halsey keep a fan in one hand or take notes from Ferne McCann and carry your child in the other.

But the one detail that is non-negotiable? A tropical background.

What's more, the beauty of this pose means you can either fully commit like Ashanti by leaning backwards with your body arched at the sky or give a subtle nod to the move Chloe Sims.

The reality star looked pensive as she emerged from a pool with her eyes closed and head slightly pointed upwards.

Alternatively, Sofia Richie ever-so-slightly perfected the move as she posed from her luxurious hotel balcony while looking at the stunning view.

Note to self: next time we're on holiday, take enough Eyes to the Sky photos to fill our feeds for an entire year.

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