The 'It' Uggs of the Season Are Back in Stock at Nordstrom

On Thanksgiving, I had to listen to my sister panic about getting a pair of Ugg minis. "It's all I want but they're out of stock!" she repeated over and over after checking every retailer imaginable — twice. Since I'm a fashion writer, in times of shopping crisis, my family usually turns to me. But when there's an Ugg shortage, there's unfortunately nothing I can do about it; my suggestion, Nordstrom, was of no help. 

But the department store must have heard my sister's cries because it just quietly restocked three of the trendiest Uggs: The Ugg Mini, the Ugg Ultra Mini, and the Gigi Hadid-approved Tazz mule. Unfortunately, none of them are on sale, which is to be expected with the of-the-moment Ugg boots. But plenty of other famous Ugg sandals, slippers, and boots are up for grabs at Nordstrom's Cyber Monday sale. 

Shop now: $120;

Shop now: $150;

Shop now: $140;

Everyone in Hollywood owns a Fluff Yeah slingback sandal at this point, or at least it seems that way. The extremely popular style was impossible to find in stock mere months ago, so to see it on sale at Nordstrom for just $65 is a shock to the system. We're just going to accept it as the blessing that it is and pick up a statement leopard-print one — and one in every other color available. 

Shop now: $65 (Originally $110);

If you're looking for something just as fluffy but a little more under-the-radar, there's the Fluffita slipper, which is also now $65. If you love a little Y2K action, the Ugg Disco slipper feels like something a Bratz doll would wear, and it's only $60 right now. And if you prefer something extremely unexpected, consider the Dinale Sneaker for under $100 (yes, Ugg makes sneakers too, and fuzzy ones at that). 

While I couldn't solve my sister's Ugg crisis a couple days ago, I'm happy to report that things have changed since then. But the reality is these Cyber Monday deals will go fast, and the most popular Uggs will likely be out of stock soon. So shop while you can, and avoid the last big Ugg shortage of 2021.

Shop the best Ugg Cyber Monday deals at Nordstrom below. 

Best Ugg Deals 

  • Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal, $65 (Originally $110)
  • Classic Short Logo Boot, $135 (Originally $180)
  • Fluffita Slipper, $65 (Originally $120)
  • Disco Genuine Shearling Slingback Slipper, $60 (Originally $100)
  • McKay Water Resistant Bootie, $99 (Originally $150)
  • Classic Mini Zip Boot, $120 (Originally $160)
  • Romely Zip Bootie, $120 (Originally $160)
  • Oh Fluffita Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal, $65 (Originally $110)
  • Disco Genuine Shearling Flatform Sandal, $65 (Originally $110)
  • Classic Femme Mini Wedge Bootie, $109 (Originally $160)
  • Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal, $65 (Originally $110)
  • Dinale Sneaker, $83 (Originally $110)

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