These badass boots have a built-in bottle opener in the heels

You’re parched, you want a drink but there’s not a single bottle opener in sight, and you haven’t mastered those neat bottle-opening skills using the edge of a table. Or your teeth.

Well, if you’re wearing these badass Vetements boots, then you don’t have to worry, you’ve come prepared.

That’s because the French retailer, which was started by big wigs who worked at the likes of Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, has designed the ‘party pumps’.

Unlike ordinary, boring boots, these ones have a built-in bottle opener in the heels (yes, both).

The brand shared an image of the sexy shoes on their Instagram where followers are suitably impressed.

Even Marc Jacobs was wowed, commenting that they were ‘brilliant’.

We’re not sure what inspired the designers to build a convenient tool into the fashion staple but we can get behind it.

Might we suggest boots with pockets next?

As sexy as they may be, the leather ankle boots will set you back a bit.

You can get the two-in-one item for $1,395 (£1,115).

In case you needed a bit of convincing, the Vetements website adds further detail: ‘Crafted in Italy from croc-effect leather, this point-toe silhouette is fitted with silver-tone bottle openers at the back of the stiletto heels. Wear yours as the grounding accent to free-flowing separates.’

Instagram users are loving the shoes, with more than 110,000 followers liking an image.

One person wrote: ‘How innovative’ while another said: ‘Finally, some positive innovations in fashion.’

Matt Benedetto, the brains behind viral Instagram account Unnecessary Inventions felt they were similar to his line of work, saying: ‘This is very me.’

Another person added: ‘Need these. I wonder if there’s a pair with a wine opener in the heel?’

Good question. In fact, can we get all items of clothing and accessories to serve other purposes?

Let’s start with pockets in more things (women are woefully under-served in this department) and go from there.

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