Valentine's Day 2021: lockdown and quarantine friendly ideas from meal deliveries to virtual wine tasting

VALENTINE'S Day is just around the corner, and if you're struggling to come up with a romantic date night idea we've got your back.

Here are some home date night ideas that may help you to create a cosy and amorous evening, without breaking the bank.

After spending so much time indoors, it seems almost impossible to come up with an exciting idea that could turn your evening into a celebration of love with someone special.

But fear not: there are things that can spark up some flames and make Valentine's Day very special.

We've come up with ten Valentine's Day home date night ideas for you to choose from.

Always wanted to do an online wine tasting? Now is your chance. Or maybe crafting something together – like a pot from clay – would create a memorable evening.

Additionally, getting a meal delivery and talking about your future vacations can be just want you need.

Check out our ideas below for some romantic inspiration.

1. Do a cocktail making masterclass

  • Online Cocktail Masterclass with Beyond the Bar for Two, £35 from Red Letter Days – buy here

Miss dressing cute and heading out for some cocktails? You can now re-create all of this at home for a romantic experience.

If you love gin, this cocktail making masterclass might be perfect: one and a half hours of cocktail creation, together with an introduction to the history of gin.

Prepare to be gintertained.

2. Create a cinema night at home

  • WiFi Mini Projector, £76.49 from Amazon – buy here
  • Butterkist Movie Night Treat Box, £11.39 from Amazon – buy here

A movie night can be very romantic, and you can create one in the comfort of your own home without splashing out on tickets.

If you want to make it extra special, get a cheap but reliable mini projector and some cinema-like popcorns; get ready to be carried away to the magical world of pictures.

Here are the top 50 Romance Movies, according to IMDB, for some inspiration.

3. Get a meal delivery

  • The Valentine’s meal collection from Mindful Chef – find it here

If your usual Valentine's Day would involve dining out, you can simply re-create it without leaving your home.

Opt for a meal delivery service, and get everything you need to create a memorable chef-curated meal at your convenience.

There are plenty of healthy as well as vegan choices, and don't forget to pick up a bottle of wine with your next shop.

4. Do a virtual wine tasting

  • At Home Wine Tasting for Two with Six Bottles and Online Tutorial, £59.50 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

Wine has always been associated with romance, and for all the right reasons: a glass of delicious drink in your hand can help you to open up about some of the most interesting (and intimate) topics.

If you want to do something different this Valentine's Day, you can get a wine tasting session with your loved one and get ready to discover the world of flavour.

We've found a great wine tasting experience from Virgin Experience Days: you'll get six bottles of wine and an online tutorial for two people for £59.50.

Life's too short to drink bad wine.

5. Play a romantic game

  • Date Night Box Set, £17.95 from Amazon – buy here

Fed up with date nights ending on the couch with another Netflix binge-watching session?

We suggest getting a romantic or a simple board game to get you two talking, playing or simply engaging with one another.

The Date Night Box Set is a great option because you and your partner can choose from three different game variations: Talk, Flirt or Dare Cards that can really spice up your night.

6. Craft together

  • Home Pottery Kit, £42.99 from Etsy – buy here

Learning a new craft together with your other half can be a bonding experience.

You can simply put some music on the background and get carried away constructing a pot from clay.

We've found a great starter kit from Etsy, featuring everything you might need for someone who hasn't done anything like this before.

7. Give each other a pampering session

  • Neal's yard remedies aromatic massage oil, £14 from Amazon – buy here

Nothing can beat an old-fashion massage when it comes to showing affection.

Order an aromatic massage oil, watch some YouTube tutorials in advance and voila! You can enjoy a sensual and romantic evening by pampering (and getting pampered by) your loved one.

We also recommend getting some candles – Neom is a great brand to go for – and curating a playlist in advance to surprise your partner by creating an extra special evening.

8. Map your future vacation

  • Travel Planner, £12.58 from Amazon – buy here

Even if you can't travel right now, mapping future vacations can be fun and romantic.

You can get a special journal or even a simple sheet of paper and get carried away making the most romantic plans around the globe.

9. Do a video game marathon

  • LittleBigPlanet 3, £12.35 from Amazon – buy here

Looking to spend your date night a bit differently? A gaming night might just do the trick.

We suggest getting the LittleBigPlanet 3 game as it's fun and charming, easy to play if your partner isn't that into games, and is a co-op so you're working together towards the same goal rather than against each other.

Sounds like great fun, and a great treat for your partner if they brand themselves as a gamer.

10. Make a dessert bake-off

  • Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Delicious Desserts, £5.19 from Amazon – buy here

A dessert is almost synonymous with the word love, so why not to spend an evening making sweet creations?

If you and your partner are not fans of desserts, you can cook a never-tried meal, together with some starters.

You might want to get a cookbook in advance, as visualising the finished thing is often both appealing and inspiring.

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