Wax melt fans go wild over a genius 90p product that makes removing the mess way easier & it won't ruin your mani either | The Sun

WAX melt fanatics are going crazy over an inexpensive product that makes removing the sticky mess loads easier.

Those who love relaxing evenings with wax melts know what a mess it is to remove them from tealights – but no more, as there's a genius product that makes it a breeze.

The inexpensive product, launched by Sweet Scents by Krystal, retails for just 90p and has already gone viral on TikTok, with hundreds racing to bag one.

''If you're sick of cleaning old wax out of your burner and getting it all in your nails, then you need one of these,'' Krystal insisted in her video.

''Pop it in the top of your burner and the pop your wax melt in

''Once your tealights run out, it will harden back up.


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''And then all you do is pop the wax melt out, turn it around and pop it back in,'' the woman demonstrated.

The best part? Not only are they under a quid, but these wax liners are reusable – good for the environment.

''Lined with a protective coating, they are leakproof, reusable and recyclable.

''Makes the changing of scented wax and wax melts simple, convenient and easy to pop out.

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''So you’ll never have to chip away, spill or struggle with cleaning your wax trays or fragrance warmers,'' read the description online.

Fellow wax melt fans flocked to comments, with many saying they were rushing to stock up on the liner.

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''Just ordered this is pure genius thank you wonderful woman,'' one happy shopper exclaimed.

A second was also sold: ''omg I want one!!''

Someone else was less impressed and shared their go-to solution: ''I use scissors and it pops right now if u use a certain angle.''

Another agreed, adding: ''wait for it to set and run under the tap for like 20 secs.''

Fancy making your own wax melts? Here's how.

What you'll need to make wax melts:

  • paraffin or soy candle wax – buy here
  • fragrance oil – buy here
  • candle wax dye – buy here
  • silicone moulds, such as clam shell moulds – buy here

Tools you'll need

  • your cooker/hob to melt the wax
  • container for melting the wax
  • pouring jug
  • metal spoon for stirring
  • thermometer
  • weighing scales

Step 1 – Prepare your space

Clear a surface in your kitchen so you have plenty of space.

Move any items you don't want wax on out of the way so there's no chance of spillages.

Have your moulds to hand so you're ready when it's time to pour the wax.

Step 2 – Weigh out your wax

Measure out one lb of wax into a container.

This will fill eight clam shell containers, which each hold six individual wax melts.

Step 3 – Melt your wax

Fill a large sauce pan half-way to the top with hot water and put on a medium heat. Rest a glass bowl on top of the water and fill with your wax, stirring gently.

Heat the wax to 70 degrees celsius, using your thermometer to keep track of the heat – this process should take around ten to fifteen minutes, but paraffin wax can take a little longer.

Alternatively, you can simply melt a saucepan of wax directly above the heat of your cooker, but keep a close eye on it and stir regularly.

Soon the wax will turn into a clear liquid.

Step 4 – Add a splash of colour

Take the wax off the heat and stir in some candle dye until it has dissolved, creating a lovely even colour.

Keep adding drops of the dye until you're happy with the result, whether you're going for a festive green or red or a more neutral shade.

Step 5 – Add the scent

Take the melted wax off the heat and monitor the temperature until it has dropped to 65 degrees celsius.

Then, add one ounce of fragrance oil (or up to three ounces if you like it strong!) while giving it a good stir.

Step 6 – Pour the wax

Carefully transfer the melted wax into a pouring jug, check that it's no hotter than 60 degrees celsius and then pour it into the moulds.

You can pour the wax so it falls above the top of the moulds.

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The wax will begin to set – leave it to set fully for a few hours until they have solidified completely.

Then you're ready to light a tea-light in a wax melt burner, place the wax melt on top and fill home with your beautiful, home-made fragrance.

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