We bought a home with a unique shower – it seemed cool in theory but was actually disgusting, we had to update it | The Sun

A HOME decorator had her work cut out when she bought a property with a unique shower.

She had to get her hands dirty because, while it looked cool in theory, it was actually pretty disgusting.

She insisted on updating it for something a lot more functional.

The closer she looked, the less impressed she was with this bathroom.

Kascha's (@kaschha) post has gone viral racking up over 904,000 views.

“When we first moved into this house, this shower was very cool in theory," she began introducing her natural-looking shower.

“It has river stones you could stand on and it had this window that wouldn’t let natural light in."

She figured it had a certain vibe: “It was very Zen, very cool, very sexy."

Nonetheless, as far as she was concerned it had to go.

But first the stones had to be removed and it turned out to be a particularly unpleasant job.

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Those stones harbored a fair few unmentionables.

“In reality, trying to clean riverstones of the former tenants’ bodily cleanings was disgusting.

“I’m not going to go into what we found within those stones."

Once they had been taken out, it revealed more work needed to be done.

“About the actual structure of the shower, nothing seemed to have been done properly.

“So we knew we were going to have to professionally get this redone.

“It took me eight months to find tiles that I liked. I finally settled on these, kind of zen feeling.

Commenters found the idea of river stones in the shower bizarre.

“Even it it wasn’t gross that would hurt my tender feet," said one person.



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“Good God, the gunk that would get trapped in there," was the reaction of a second.

But a third figured it could be adapted: “Would have been cool if they had put epoxy over it and still had a smooth surface to stand on with just the appearance of rock.”

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