We spent £35k on our wedding but guests left after 15 minutes – they even had the cheek to take food with them

A COUPLE were left devastated after spending £35,000 on their wedding, only for guests to stay just 15 minutes.

Nisrina Sayeed shared her story on TikTok, revealing that despite their short stay, her guests had the cheek to take the food away with them.

Posting a video of her Indonesian wedding on her account, the bride wrote: “Thinking about how me & my husband (and my family) spent £35k on my wedding just to have people leave with takeaway food and literally stay for 15-30 mins. 

“Leaving us traumatised of our own wedding. What a waste of a nice dress & decor. (sic).”

The video has since gone viral receiving over two million views and hundreds of comments begging Nisrina to share more details.

While the bride never revealed exactly why guests left after such a short time, she did explain that due to COVID they had been forced to move their wedding from a weekend to a week day at the last minute.

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The couple were also faced with further heartbreak when the groom’s mum was unable to attend the nuptials as she was forced to quarantine. 

However, Nisrina says that she in no way regrets her wedding day.

“At the end of the day I still married my best friend, still very grateful for the experience,” she says.

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