Weary mums have realised they can set their phones to wake them up when their baby cries, and it's a total game changer

BECOMING a first time mum can be filled with daunting thoughts like ‘will I wake up if my baby is crying?’ 

But fear not mums have discovered a super “helpful” option on their phones which can wake them up when their baby cries. 

Posting on Facebook, one woman explained the tip could be useful for new mums. 

She wrote: "For mummies that are new or are worried about not hearing your baby cry, if you have an iPhone go to accessibility then go to sound recognition, then sounds and turn on baby crying and if your phone hears your baby crying it will set your alarm off to help you wake up!"

Over on the Apple website, they explain: "Your iPhone can continuously listen for certain sounds—such as a crying baby, doorbell, or siren—and notify you when it recognises these sounds.

"Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition, then turn on Sound Recognition. Tap Sounds, then turn on the sounds you want iPhone to recognise."


However, Apple does note that users shouldn't rely on their iPhone to recognise sounds "in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in high-risk or emergency situations, or for navigation".

And it’s not just baby crying sounds which your phone can recognise. 

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Other sounds include alarms, animals, appliances, car horns, door knocks, coughing and shouting.

Mums commenting on the post couldn't believe they'd never noticed the function, with one person commenting: "[This] will definitely be helpful next time round."

While another added: "Whaaaattttt?! This is really a thing?"

Meanwhile others said it was 'game over' for dads who sleep through their little ones crying.

One said: "It’s game over for all future dads at this point.”

While another joked: "They still wouldn’t hear anything."

It’s game over for all future dads at this point

And a third said: "Wish I’d of [known] about this when mine were babies and my partner 'slept through'."

Others said it's also available on Android, with one commenting: "It's on android as well, accessibility, installed services, sound notifications."

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