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THE LAST thing anyone wants is a washing machine that smells damp and gross when they're trying to do their laundry.

We put our washing machines through an awful lot with the grease and oils from clothes, the stray hairs and the debris left in pockets.

But we are often so focussed on getting our clothes clean that we forget the machine need some TLC too.

The pros at Good To Know, explained exactly what the problem could be and how to fix it.

Low temperature cycles

They maybe better for the environment but washing your clothes on lower temperature settings can need to a pungent odour.

The higher the temperature you run the machine, the more likely it is to banish bacteria – otherwise it can build up.

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This is a simple fix as you just need to run a "service wash" on your machine.

Run the service spin at least once a month and the smell should be gone.

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Dirty door seal

If you don't keep your door seal clean, it can give off a nasty musty smell after a while.

Plus the grimey door seal can slow down the flow of water and result in mildew.

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In order to sort it out, just wipe the insides of the seal – making sure you're thorough and don't miss any nooks with a dry rag.

If there's mould that's already built up, use a brush and mould spray to shift it.

Bad drainage system

When your machine doesn't drain well it can give off a very far-spreading odour.

The water left in the machine becomes stagnant and can lead to mould, slime, scum and bacteria.

Try using a drain unblocker to sort it out and shift the accumulated water.

Once that's done, you'll need to give the machine a really good clean to make sure you get rid of any lingering bacteria.

Using too much detergent

It sounds silly, but using an excess of detergent means that the majority is left in the machine.

In time the residue can go mouldy and start to give off a nasty smell.

You can avoid this by ensuring you clean out the detergent drawer and filter once a fortnight.

Plus – always make sure you don't go over the recommended amount!

Damp drum

It's to be expected that the drum of your washing machine will get wet but if it starts to be continuously damp it could lead to a lingering smell that can also affect your clothes.

To solve this make sure you take your clothes out of the machine as soon as the cycle is finished – rather than leaving them in overnight.

Then make sure you leave the door open to air out the dry and help it to dry.

It's working well

Another weird one, but if your machine is cleaning your clothes well – if could end up a bit smelly.

This is when the dirt has been removed from your clothes but not washed away properly.

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Run a clean cycle or an empty hot wash after you've washed your clothes to banish this smell.

You could also add soda crystals to the drum before you start the cycle to really shift the stink.

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