What does your favourite condiment say about you – are you a prude, narcissist or romantic?

DO you relish life or enjoy giving dressing downs?

We told this week how Brits named ketchup top condiment at dinner time – with Mayo and BBQ sauce coming in second and third.

And 12 per cent even smear the red stuff on a Sunday roast according to pollsters Perspectus Global.

Your pick of sauce can say a lot about your personality traits, says TV psychologist Emma Kenny.

TV psychologist Emma Kenny tells Katy Docherty how your top ten favourite sauces can say a lot about your condimental state.

1. Ketchup — Easy going

If you enjoy dipping or dolloping ketchup, then you tend to be a very accepting person with a busy social life.

With a genuine lust for life, you like to grab opportunities with both hands and have a very likeable personality.

You are known for being easy to please, and your smiley nature makes you a popular person.

You believe that kindness – like ketchup – is an essential ingredient in every action you take.

2. Mayonaise – Deep thinker

You are often misrepresented as shy, but in truth you are more a deep and considered thinker.

But your humble nature means that you do not feel the need to stand out in a crowd.

Highly yet quietly ambitious. you allow your talent to do the talking for you in your work and personal life.

You enjoy the reactions of others when you consistently exceed all expectations.

3. BBQ sauce – Risk taker

While you have a friendly nature there is a competitive side to you.

You are a leader as opposed to a follower and are more comfortable taking part in adrenaline sports and fun than more sedentary activities.

You are an excellent confidante and you demand loyalty from your inner circle.

But you have a high moral compass and are quick to call out those who fall short of your standards.

4. Salad cream – Calm

You are far more likely to be found in a museum, art gallery or at an exhibition than in a beer garden.

You seek beauty in the world around you and find great pleasure in both the natural and artistic world.

You have a very close-knit group of friends, but also enjoy time by yourself to contemplate and enjoy activities like photography and crafts.

In a crisis, you are cool, calm and collected.

5. Mint sauce – Energetic

Spontaneity should be your middle name. You have a huge heart and find the fun in even the most mundane of circumstances.

At times this means you exhaust even your most energetic of allies but you are at the top of everyone’s invitation list.

Your worst quality is that you are a people pleaser meaning you neglect your own needs.

Life is one great adventure and you like to make the most out of every single minute.

6. Malt vinegar – Vengeful

Your friends consider you kind, caring and loyal, but you are not one to cross.

Your high expectations mean those in your inner circle are expected to reflect your own standards.

Should they fall short, they will be cut out of your life without a second’s thought.

Your ability to make decisions based on facts and not emotions mean you thrive in the corporate world.

You are a fantastic ally, but an enemy best avoided.

7. Brown sauce – Stubborn

You are known for your strong opinions and willingness to go against the grain when standing for what you believe is important.

While at times you may be accused of being pushy, you accept that this is a small price to pay.

The people who you spend time with are the kind of individuals that enhance and improve your life.

You do not suffer fools gladly and you are actually proud that this is the case.

8. Soy sauce – Guarded

An excellent chameleon, you can fit into any social or work situation.

The ability to sense-check the room and emotionally shape-shift accordingly means you excel in all areas of your life.

However, on a personal level, you can sometimes be a little too guarded and it can take time for you to let others see the real you.

When you finally do allow someone in, you are a fiercely loyal and compassionate partner and friend.

9. Burger relish – Unforgiving

You are never satisfied unless you genuinely feel that you are working towards your next big goal.

Average is unacceptable and you refuse to settle for anything less than you believe you deserve.

Your downfall is being unforgiving of those around you who don’t match your energy and drive.

Reminding yourself to be a little more forgiving when dealing with others will mean you maintain the respect that you deserve.

10. English mustard – Problem Solver

You are a born organiser and the go-to person to sort out work, social and personal problems.

You secretly enjoy the role as you know that ultimately you create solutions more effectively than others.

You are fiercely loyal and care deeply for your friends and family and can feel a little overwhelmed by responsibility from time to time.

Learning to delegate and say no is something that you often need reminding of to prevent burnout.

Britain’s favourite condiments

1. Tomato ketchup – 50 per cent

2. Mayonnaise – 43 per cent

3. BBQ sauce – 36 per cent

4. Salad cream – 26 per cent

5. Mint sauce – 22 per cent

6. Malt vinegar – 21 per cent

7. Brown sauce – 20 per cent

8. Soy sauce – 19 per cent

9. Burger relish – 17 per cent

10. English mustard – 15 per cent

11. Worcestershire sauce – 14 per cent

12. Apple sauce – 13 per cent

13. Dijon mustard – 11 per cent

14. Hoisin sauce – 11 per cent

15. Tartare sauce – 11 per cent

16. Tabasco – 9 per cent

17. Piccalilli – 8 per cent

18. Horseradish – 9 per cent

19. Siracha – 7 per cent

20. Redcurrant Jelly – 6 per cent

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