What is your Inner Child and how do you heal it?

The Inner Child does not look the same or mean the same thing to everyone.

Your Inner Child can be a reflection of the innocence and bliss you once held, the representation of your whole childhood, or untouched memories full of trauma and pain. It does not have to fall into these categories. It is simply what being a child meant to you.

What is your Inner Child?

It is up to you to determine what your Inner Child means to you. It is unique to everyone and their individual experiences.

Your Inner Child is simply the emotional or physical representation of your childhood.

If you had a supportive childhood filled with laughter and joy, your Inner Child can be the optimistic, funny and caring part that you see in yourself now. It can also be the part of yourself that you avoid and hide away because it caused you pain and trauma when you were younger.

Why should you heal your Inner Child?

If you experienced a lot of pain, sadness or trauma in your childhood, healing your Inner Child may help you in adulthood.

If you leave your Inner Child unhealed, emotional or physical traits may stay with you into adulthood.

For example, if your parents used physical force to punish you as a child, you may start to panic when you let someone down. If someone gets upset at you, you might hide from them in fear of retaliation.

Without healing your Inner Child, you won’t be able to shed the coping mechanisms you used as a child and fully embrace adulthood and the freedoms possibilities that come with it.

How you can heal your Inner Child?

Facing your Inner Child is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone.

One way to face it is talking to a therapist and have them guide you on your journey to healing your inner child. They will always be there to talk through hard topics and bring you back to the present when things get too difficult.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone else about the traumatic events in your childhood, talk to your younger self. Write your younger self a letter and explain to them that whatever happened to them wasn’t their fault and they didn’t deserve it.

You can even write a letter to yourself as your Inner Child and work through the feelings you faced then and how you can work through them now that you’re older.

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