When is Freshers' week 2019? University dates plus your ultimate survival guide

EXPECTANT students are busy packing their life up ready to start a new life away from home.

Freshers' week has become a rite of passage for new students, providing an opportunity to make friends and let your hair down before lectures start.

When is Freshers' Week?

Freshers' week is held for at least a week, although some universities stretch it to two, before lectures and deadlines begin.

The dates of freshers' weeks vary but it is usually at the end of September with many university freshers' weeks commencing either September 17 or 24.

Here are some of the dates for Freshers’ Week:

University of Leeds

Freshers’ Week will start on September 22, with a "welcome week" the week before.

University of Manchester

The week of social events will take place between September 15-22.

Manchester Metropolitan University

From September 15 to September 22.

University of Nottingham

Freshers week starts on the September 22.

University of Edinburgh

The welcome week for new students will start from September 7, with the main term starting a week later.

Cardiff University

Students can access a week of club events, comedy nights, boozy bingo and laser quest during the week commencing September 22.

University of Birmingham

Students heading to Birmingham will start their welcome week from September 21.

University of Surrey

Those starting their studies in Surrey will see a week of events start on September 29, before term starts on October 6.

University of Strathclyde

Runs from Saturday, September 14 to September 21.

King’s College London

Freshers’ events will take place from September 20

University of Sheffield

The induction week for Sheffield-bound students will happen on September 15, leading up to term starting on September 22.

University of Oxford

Colleges and departments sent students the exact date of their freshers’ week, which can vary for different groups.

The official term teaching starts around October 6.

Newcastle University

Freshers’ Week runs from September 21 to 28.

Queen’s University Belfast

The induction week starts on September 16.

University of Cambridge

All the fun takes place from October 8.

What is Freshers' Week?

Freshers' week is a week-long event for first-year university students.

The name conjures images of drunken students falling out of nightclubs and for some this will be part of the university experience.

But, there's more to it than that.

It's a chance to adjust to a new city, make friends as well as find out where lectures, supermarkets and other key locations are.

The word "Freshers" is a shortened version of the American term "Freshman" meaning someone in their first year of university.


How to survive Freshers’ Week?

Freshers week is a big change, new home, new city, independence and a hectic social schedule.

The Complete University Guide has the following tips for survival.

  • Arrive at your halls of residence as soon as possible. Friendships form quickly and there's nothing worse than feeling left out.
  • Leave your door open while you unpack – it's never to early to start making friends.
  • Check university emails and social media forms before you arrive. This way you'll have the latest advice and guidance and be up-to-date on which events are happening where.
  • Get a student bank account sorted and budget for the term – including Freshers' Week. You don't want to live on beans on toast for the rest of the year.
  • Stay responsible on nights out. Eat well before drinking and keep an eye on your possessions, especially your drink.
  • If you're going home late at night, travel with friends and don't use unlicensed mini cabs.

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