Where to Buy Warm Face Masks That Will Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

Coronavirus cases are unfortunately still on the rise, which means we’ll need to continue doing our part to slow the spread by wearing face masks. While we searched for cool, breathable face masks in the summer and early fall, many people are now on the hunt for warm face masks to protect them against the chilly weather — in addition to the virus — during the winter. 

These warmer masks are typically made of blended cotton materials layered together two or three times. Some are designed with thicker and heavier fabrics or feature specialty filters designed for the winter, like this 25-pack from Caraa. 

Here are some of the best warm face masks, according to reviews:

  • BeatBasic Cotton Face Cover
  • EnerPlex Premium 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask 
  • ShyCloset Fleece Face Mask
  • EnerPlex Premium 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask 
  • BeatBasic Cotton Face Cover
  • Society of Threads Cotton Cone Mask
  • Masqd Black Face Mask 
  • Martex Health Antimicrobial Mask
  • Wolford Care Mask
  • Cubcoats Mask Buddies Face Mask
  • Hope Love Shine Floral Face Mask
  • Heritage Boutique Winter Face Mask
  • Caraa Winter Masks
  • Baggu Fabric Mask Set 

Where to Buy Warm Face Masks

If you’re wondering who makes the best warm face masks, many brands that specialize in athletic wear, clothing, or intimates are now making cold-weather face masks. You can shop them at most major retailers, including Amazon and Nordstrom. Along with these spots, you’ll find the coverings at select clothing, accessory and jewelry stores, like Baggu. Crafters and small businesses are also creating the must-have winter accessory as well, and you can seek out many artisans on Etsy. 

How Much Do Warm Face Masks Cost?

Like most things, cost depends on the brand and the design. Most retailers are selling warm face masks in sets of three to ten. These packs are usually the most economic move, with individual masks selling for as little as $2 each.  

Below, you’ll find some of the warmest face masks that will keep you toasty and protected this winter. 

BeatBasic Cotton Face Cover

More than 15,000 shoppers have given this cotton mask an impressive average 4.3-star rating — and many reviewers have commented on the thick and warming design. 

“The weight on the face and coverage are excellent,” wrote one shopper. “I really like the nose clip as it allows the mask to stay up when talking.”

Buy It! BeatBasic Cotton Face Cover, $9.99; amazon.com

EnerPlex Premium 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask

Unlike so many other face masks, this one comes in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large, and shoppers say they’re perfect for cold months. 

“Bought these and they are great,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “The cut is my favorite for masks and since it’s the winter season, the thick fabric is great for keeping warm. They are breathable and so far durable.”

Buy It! EnerPlex Premium 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask, $18.95; amazon.com

ShyCloset Fleece Face Mask

On the outside, this looks like your run-of-the-mill reusable face mask, but inside there’s a warm fleece lining that shoppers say is perfect for cold temperatures. 

“The material is so soft and comfortable on the face,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Definitely worth the money and definitely recommend it to others.”

Buy It! ShyCloset Fleece Face Mask, $13.99; etsy.com

Society of Threads Cotton Cone Mask

The comfort is in the shape for these cotton masks. The cone design allows for less skin irritation and more breathability, plus the masks come with adjustable ear loops and a nosewire, so anyone can customize the fit to their liking. That nosewire will come in handy come winter, when you can shape the mask around your face so precisely that chilly air and gusts of wind have no chance of entering. 

“I really like the adjustable ear loops,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “They are comfortable… These masks are a winner.”

Buy It! Society of Threads Cotton Cone Mask, $20 for a 3-pack; amazon.com

Masqd Black Face Mask

Made from the celebrity-loved brand, this classic black face mask has a stellar rating, and if you check out the reviews, it’s clear to see why: The design is seriously soft and cozy.

“The mask was very soft and breathable, even with the filter inside,” wrote one shopper. “The layers and the filter pocket make it very safe.”

For added warmth, consider adding a filter to the dual-layered mask. 

Buy It! Masqd Black Face Mask, $20; masqd.com 

Martex Health Antimicrobial

The silver-infused fibers woven throughout this double-layered face mask make it a standout — the element may help stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria. But along with this impressive feature, the double-layered mask also can provide protection throughout the day without a ton of discomfort. Coming in packs of 10, these face masks come down to just over $2 each with the current discount. 

“These masks are soft and comfortable, and very substantial,” wrote one shopper. “They are more comfortable than disposable masks. They can be machine washed and look as good as new.”

Buy It! Martex Health Antimicrobial, $24 with code SMILE20 (orig. $29.99); westpointhome.com

Wolford Care Mask

Channel your inner Jennifer Aniston by shopping for the mask she’s been spotted wearing. They’re double-layered and water-resistant, two features that will be very useful in climates where snow is a constant come winter. For many shoppers, the comfortable fit makes this purchase a no-brainer. 

“Absolutely obsessed,” wrote one reviewer. “I’ve been looking for the perfect mask the past few months, and I finally found it and it is definitely worth the price. It’s a quality fabric, but most importantly you can breathe comfortably and it fits. It looks sleek and chic.”

Buy It! Wolford Care Mask, $35; revolve.com

Cubcoats Mask Buddies Face Mask

Make masks less intimidating by giving your kiddo these animal-themed coverings. They’re double-layered and transform into wristlets for easy carrying. 

“These are really cute and soft, the kids love them,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “The material is thick enough that they do not slide off my 3-year-old’s face, but def fits my 7-year-old way better.”

Buy It! Cubcoats Mask Buddies Face Mask, $12.99; amazon.com

Hope Love Shine Floral Face Mask

Anything but boring, the Hope Love Shine floral coverings come in randomly assorted packs of five (with one solid color included in the group). They’re made with three layers and come with an adjustable ear loop that’s especially nice for those with smaller, slimmer faces.  More than 1,500 shoppers have given these fun masks an average 4.5-star rating, and many reviews mention the high quality and durability. 

“These masks are beautiful and so comfy,” wrote one reviewer. “A few of these are pretty thick. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone! Great purchase.”

Buy It! Hope Love Shine Floral Face Mask, $29.99; amazon.com

Heritage Boutique Winter Face Mask

Nothing says winter quite like plaid-patterned clothing, and this year, face masks fall within that category. Warm your face up with the fleece mask that has almost all entirely perfect ratings. 

“Absolutely gorgeous mask, definitely my favorite one I own,” wrote one shopper. “Fits perfectly and snug enough so that you know you’re protected yet not so snug it hurts your ears.”

Buy It! Heritage Boutique Winter Face Mask, $15.80; etsy.com

Caraa Winter Masks

In addition to its breathable perfect-for-working-out masks, Caraa also offers a specialty winter mask that’s designed with chill weather in mind. According to the brand, these winter styles are thicker and warmer than their other styles, but they still come with two layers of fabric as well as adjustable ear loops and a nose bridge. 

“These are my favorite masks,” wrote one happy shopper. “They are lightweight but still offer full coverage and the best part: They stay on if you need to talk to someone.”

Buy It! Caraa Winter Masks, $26 for a 5-pack; caraasport.com

Baggu Fabric Mask Set

Known for its celebrity-approved tote bags (Malia Obama and Emma Stone are some notable fans), Baggu introduced its adjustable face masks in early fall. They’re designed to fit around both your nose and chin, allowing for maximum coverage that, come winter, will be even more appreciated. 

While the site doesn’t show reviews, you can take solace in knowing that on the first day of selling face masks, the brand sold more than 10,000. Clearly, they’re a fan favorite. 

Buy It! Baggu Fabric Mask Set, $32 for a 3-pack; baggu.com

More Warm Face Masks to Shop: 

  • BasicList Fleece Face Mask, $13.99
  • Vvupic Triple Layer Face Cover, $23.90
  • Nordstrom 4-pack Adult Face Masks, $25
  • HeyJanuary Autumn Warmth Face Mask, $5.99
  • Two Layered Jacquard Bubble Cotton Face Mask, $12.99
  • Onzie Face Covering Pack, $24
  • Citizens of Humanity Cotton Face Covering, $30
  • Brixton Antimicrobial Face Mask, $12.50

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