Woman compares the Dyson Airwrap to the Shark air styler which is £200 cheaper to see which one really keeps a curl | The Sun

A WOMAN compared the Dyson Air Wrap to the new Shark Air Styler to see which one really keeps a curl.

The Dyson Air Wrap has been on most people's wish lists for years – but at £479.99, it's not in everyone's budget.

Fortunately, Shark has recently released a similar hair styling tool called the Air Styler, and it's £200 cheaper than the Dyson.

The £279.99 hair tool appears to have the same heads as the Dyson so hair and makeup whizz Jamie Vanslooten decided to test the two out to see which one held up better.

Posting the comparison video to TikTok Jamie tried out the Dyson on the right side of her hair and the Shark on her left.

Jamie used the curling wands from each kit on her hair, using the Dyson first and then the Shark.


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Once she had finished with the Shark tool, the Dyson curls visibly seemed to have already started to drop.

But the real comparison can be seen when she brushes out the curls to get the 'blowout' effect.

Once Jamie had finished brushing out the curls you could see the Shark side had much more volume and had held onto the curls much better than the Dyson Airwrap.

Jamie was stunned to see just how much better the Shark hair tool was compared to the Dyson Airwrap.

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Replying to a comment that said 'Omg shark is sm better,' Jamie wrote: "SO MUCH BETTER IM SHOOKKKK."

And she wasn't the only one surprised by the results.

The video soon went viral with over nine million views and over one million likes and many claimed the Shark held a curl better than the Dyson.

One wrote: "The Dyson side will last 5 seconds it falls out too soon the shark side will look better throughout the day."

A second person commented: "Shark def wins."

"Wow the shark is so good," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This is making me want the shark more every day."

However some thought the Dyson gave a better 'blowout look,' one wrote: "The Dyson side looks more like an actual blowout."

Another commented: "Unpopular opinion but Dyson side flows better!"

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