Woman divides opinion for sharing the ‘right’ way to eat a burger – and some say she just has manners

BURGERS are on those food items that can be found almost anywhere and there are plenty of different ways these can be eaten.

An etiquette expert has revealed the correct way to eat a burger if you are at a posh dinner.

Founder and Ceo of Polo and Tweed, an agency that sources staff for the super rich, Lucy Challenger regularly shares etiquette guides to her popular TikTok account @lucychallengerofficial, recently sharing how to eat a burger.

Lucy says: “Although you are unlikely to be served a burger in a formal setting, but if you were, I’m going to show you how to eat it.”

Perhaps controversially, she announces that yes, she will be using a knife and fork. 

First you should cut the burger in half, slicing directly through the centre. Lucy says that “by having the burger in two pieces it now becomes easier to access and easier to eat.”


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Once the burger is in two pieces you should take one half and rotate it towards yourself. Now you can decide if you wish to eat it with or without the bread, if you decide to remove the bun you should simply flip this using your knife and fork and place it on your plate.

If you do not remove the bun, Lucy says: “You want to secure the bun by spearing through the burger with a fork and then slicing a small section of the burger with the knife.”

Once you have a small bite size piece you can then eat. To continue eating the burger just continue cutting small pieces and eating them, going across the first section and then moving onto the second.

“You can of course pick up a burger and eat it with your hands” says Lucy, “but if you wish to use a knife and fork, as I often do even in more informal settings, it’s a much easier and less messy affair.”

Some commenters were unconvinced by these methods, with one writing: “Way to take out all the fun of eating a burger.”

Another added: “I sincerely hope you're joking. burgers are eaten with the hands. no other options.”

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Other commenters jumped to defend Lucy, with some saying that this is how they eat burgers too. For some, this was due to the messiness of eating with hands, while others said that eating with their hands can aggravate their eczema.

Some viewers asked how you would ‘formally’ eat a number of other food items, popular ones included chicken wings, nachos, and ice cream.

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