Woman leaves secret note in her man’s bathroom after suspecting he’s cheating on her

SUSPECTING your partner is cheating on you is never a nice feeling, and it can make you over-analyse and scrutinise everything.

But one woman grew very suspicious after noticing the guy she was seeing had women’s stuff everywhere, including hairbands and grips in the bathroom. 

The woman, called Molly, then discovered a full make-up case after doing some ‘snooping’. 

She decided to take matters into her own hands, and shared a clip to TikTok, captioned: “If you recognize this bathroom.”

Molly revealed she’d hooked with the guy a few times after believing he was single, but she doubted that was true after seeing tell-tale signs of a female presence in his flat. 

She said: “So last weekend I picked up a guy in a bar. I’ve seen him three or four times now. 

“I was low-key snooping in his bathroom. And I found some female products.

“His roommate is single and I thought he was too, but if this is your man, he’s chatting.” 

She opens up the make-up bag, and scrawls a note on a piece of cardboard, which she presumably left inside for its true owner. 

It says: ‘If you’re seeing / dating **** he’s cheating.’

Her cunning scheme racked up millions of views online, as people praised Molly for sticking to ‘the girl code’. 

One person commented: “That note was such a smart idea.”

Another woman said: “This happened to me. I found a note in my stuff. Bless you for leaving it there.” 

A third thought: “Now this is women supporting women.” 

While this woman added: “Always snoop in his bathroom!! All my exes that have cheated have stashed all my things under the sink.” 

After people begged for an update, Molly said: “I confronted him and he got upset / defensive, says he’s single but won’t explain products.

“I don’t know if it’s a girlfriend but still suspect so haven’t seen him since.”

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