Woman reveals angry note neighbour left about washing machine – so when is it appropriate to let it run? | The Sun

WHEN you live close to your neighbours, disagreements can break out and people handle them in different ways.

One woman shared a photo of the angry note she found stuck to the door to their block of flats – and the complaint has sparked a debate.

The woman uploaded a photo to Reddit and wrote: “This was on the front door to our block of flats.

“Can't decide whose side I am on.”

The angry note had been sent after a neighbour was annoyed about the usage of the flat’s communal washing machine.

It read: “Dear neighbours

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“4am is not an acceptable time to use a washing machine.

“I have been woken up several times with your washing machine. Please stop!

“Refrain from using the washing machine before 7am.

“I have been woken up on too many occasions.

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“This is very unfair when people are working.”

The Reddit user clarified that she was “neither the neighbour nor the note leaver”, but wanted people’s thoughts.

Many people reasoned with the use of the washing machine during the night.

One said: “Some energy companies charge less for out of hours usage, so might be a factor.”

Another added: “It’ll be a delay timer so stuff is ready to hang up/put in the dryer when they wake up.”

However, some people sided with the note-sender.

One person wrote: “I agree. Especially in apartment buildings, 4am is unacceptable. 

“My whole flat shakes when someone's washer is on. Worst part is that my building is brand new!!!”

A second commented: “I'm on the side of the note leaver 100%.”

And some said they’d been through a similar experience with people restricting hours of using washing machines.

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One Reddit user shared: “I used to live in a really old crappy apartment building and we were only allowed to use the laundry room between 9am – 7pm.

“Kinda made sense but very annoying as somebody who worked 9-5.”

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