Woman reveals genius hack to get the perfect fake tan glow so you look sun-kissed not orange

A WOMAN has revealed how you can apply your fake tan to your to get an instant sun-kissed look.

The woman revealed the hack on her TikTok account, comtoisie, where the video has been viewed over 700k times.

In the caption, she writes: "I don’t even need to put foundation on."

In the video, she explains to us ladies not to put fake tan all over your face, as this can be too harsh and may cause you to look orange rather than naturally tanned.

The woman goes on to say to apply fake tan on the points where the sun usually hit, and also where you would normally contour.

Using a fake-tanning mitt, she squirts the product onto it and uses a Real Techniques makeup brush to apply it to her face.

She blends the fake tan with the makeup brush and starts just above the hollows of her cheekbones to give a natural sun-kissed contour.

She then applies the fake tan to thetemples of her forehead and sockets of the eyes.

In a comment under the video, she explains that this helps eyes appear less round in shape and gives her a more 'almond' appearance to her eyes.

She also applies the product to her nose and under her chin, blending to the neck.

The woman shows the results of her hack the next day and she looks naturally sun-kissed using the technique.

In a comment pinned to the video, she writes: "just to clarify "where the sun hits" was a bad choice of words.It's more like contouring! but i put it slightly higher on my cheeks to give a sun-kissed look."

she also writes to make sure you exfoliate your face before applying the fake tan.

People in the comments loved her hack and couldn't wait to try it themselves.

One user wrote: "Not me wanting to by tanner specifically for my face now."

Another person commented: "Ohh thank you for this, I must try it!"

A third person responded: "Wait it looks AMAZING."

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