Woman reveals how she got her filthy white trainers looking brand new thanks to a £2.99 product from B&M | The Sun

IT doesn't take long for a pair of fresh white trainers to get filthy muddy – especially if they belong to your adventurous little ones.

But one savvy woman named Emma Louise Dixon has shared the B&M cleaning product she swears by to help get her white Converse looking as good as new.

According to Emma, The Pink Stuff 'Oxi Powder stain remover' does the trick perfectly and the best part of all? It costs just £2.99.

Taking to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Emma posted a before and after photo of her shoes – and it's fair to say she's given them a completely new lease of life.

"If you have white converse this is your best friend!" she penned.

"Soaked them once with 3 scoops and boiling water, put them in the washer with a scoop, taken them out and used another 3 scoops with boiling water and scrubbed them with a toothbrush!


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"They’ve come up practically brand new, so chuffed…only £2.99 in B&M."

And the results were so impressive, some social media users doubted whether they were even the same pairs of shoes.

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"Just to clarify! These ARE the same trainers!" Emma clarified.

"If you look at the mark on the far left dirty converse the same mark is slightly still there on the far right clean one!

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"Sick of people saying I’m lying!

"I wouldn’t buy two new pair of converse to boast about a product on a FB page. Rant over."

The post has since racked up over 4,500 likes and 1,400 comments – with many eager to give the cleaning product a whirl for themselves.

"This is brilliant! There’s life left for my converse after all. Thanks for sharing," praised one.

A second enthused: "That’s amazing!"

A third commented: "Fab job! Well done."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "I can’t wait to try this!"

Another added: "Can definitely confirm this works amazing. I buy my kids shoes dirt cheap off Vinted and they are grubby this brings them up brand new again."

And a further wrote: "That’s insane! I’m getting some!"

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