Woman sends hairdresser selfie so he can show off her balayage but cringes when he PHOTOSHOPS her face

IF you were lucky enough to get hair appointment this week, it's only natural to want to show off your fresh cut and colour on Instagram.

And for hairdressers themselves, social media is a great way to promote their work – so when this TikTok user was asked to share a picture of her balayage, she didn't think twice about it.

Earlier today, TikToker Leti Spaghetti shared the selfie she sent her hairstylist in a video which has racked up over 237,000 views.

She captioned the clip: "My hairdresser asked me to send him a selfie for him to post with my new balayage."

But after sending him the picture, the woman joked that she'd be "violated" when he then PHOTOSHOPPED her face before posting it on her page.

In the heavily edited the photo, the hairdresser made it look like she was wearing glam eyeshadow and a heavy foundation.

Unsurprisingly, the woman was left speechless after seeing his post and broke into fits of laughter at the end of the clip.

Needless to say, the video shocked TikTok users and people blasted the "rude" hairdresser.

"This is so out of order," one replied. "You looked stunning before. Not on."

"The selfie you took was gorgeous," another added. "I can't believe he edited it – so rude."

"OMG the cheeky sod," a third wrote.

Having experienced something similar, a fourth said: "I once had my makeup done by this girl and she edited it before putting it on IG.

"I scrolled PAST it, that's how much it didn't look like me."

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