Woman shares a viral list of ‘cool and exotic’ girls' names from around Europe and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared a viral list of 'cool and exotic' girl names from around Europe, but not everyone is convinced.

Parents can spend months trying to find a baby name that nobody else has.

So the viral list was supposed to help parents narrow their choices down.

However, the viral list which was first posted on Pinterest and made its way to Reddit hasn't gone down well with everyone.

The list claims to detail a number of girl names from Ireland, France, Italy, and Spain. 

But people were quick to spot numerous mistakes in the list which range from spelling mistakes to getting the origin entirely wrong.


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Posting the list online, Reddit user Scarlet_Skye said: 'I found this on Pinterest and I've never seen such an inaccurate list of names before.'

And people who viewed the post were just as stunned."

The first section of names was apparently from Ireland.

But many pointed out that the Irish list includes the names 'Kiera' and 'Adara.'

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The first of which is the Anglicised version of the name Ciara, plus there is no letter K in the Irish language.

The second name, Adara, isn't even Irish and comes from Hebrew origin.

'Cool and exotic' names from France were next on the list, but again there were numerous discrepancies.

One of the names included on the list is 'Burnadette,' which we can only assume is 'Bernadette' spelled wrong.

But one person revealed the wrong spelling completely changes the name's meaning as 'burn' translates to balls in French.

They added: "Once again, great way to get your child bullied."

Another name on the French list, 'Bette', also has Hebrew origins rather than French.

On the 'cool and exotic list of names' someSpanish recommendations included 'Candi' and 'Coco.'

The Italian list seemed more reasonable, though it might be unusual to describe them as exotic.

People quickly took to the comments sections to share their thoughts, and many were stunned by how wrong the list was.

One French person wrote: "First time I've ever seen Ireland described as exotic.

A second person added: "Burnadette is really something. It's not French… but it's something."

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Another person penned: "The French list is so cringe."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "K isn't even in the Irish alphabet."

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