Woman shares easy hack to tie the perfect bun and it only takes seconds

WE all know the struggle of spending ages trying to get your hair looking right and it not working out – right?

But thankfully, one TikTok user has shared her super simple hack for doing the perfect bun with minimal effort.

TikTok user ‘lizajaneschoolbus’ reveals her hack for achieving the perfect bun and it literally takes seconds.

The video shows off the hack for what Liza calls the “easiest bun”.

You won’t believe how easy it is.

Simply flip your hair over and tie it in a high ponytail.

Then, get a claw clip, wrap the hair around it and if you have longer hair, wrap it round again.

Then pull it out to cover the clip.

And that is it.

I know, we’re shocked too.

It is literally as simple as that.

To think how many hours we’ve wasted infront of the mirror with achy arms trying to perfect a gorgeous bun…

What a waste of time – we'll definitely be using this hack from now often!


Clearly Liza Jane’s hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up a whopping 1.6m views and is Liza’s most popular video to date.

It has received 336.9k likes, over 2,500 comments and more than 18,000 shares.

One person said: “So freaking cute and I’ve never seen anyone do this!”

Another added: “Been doing this ever since I saw the vid!”

A third commented: “Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!! I have really long hair and can NEVER make it look good in a bun, until now!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Thank you again!!”

A fourth exclaimed: “You just changed my life sis!”

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