You can make up to £2k by renting out items you don't use – so do you have any of these things lying around?

IF you're looking to make some extra cash, the new year is the perfect time to clear out what you don't use.

But you don't have to lose your items for good, according to new research from, because you can make a whopping£2,000 just by renting out stuff you own.

With this in mind, the new year is the perfect time to rummage through unused stuff in storage as you never know what goldmine you're currently sitting on.

To give you an idea of how much cash you can make, the experts reckon a designer dress can be rented out for £255 each time on average while an old laptop could earn you around £100 a pop.

Naturally, not everyone has a designer dress laying around, we get that,but a bike, camera or tent can earn you a pretty penny too.


In fact, almost a third of Brits have at least one bike at home, according to and 61% have a laptop.

What's more, 45% own a camera and 30% have a sleeping bag – all of which can easily be rented out when you’re not using them.

There were 23 items on the list of potential items that could earn you some cash – and if you have all 23, that's a potential £2,000 in your pocket.

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Other items making the list include musical instruments such as guitars and keyboards, which could earn you around £50 a pop.

And if you have an old sewing machine passed down from your mum or grandma which is still gathering dust, why not make some money from it – around £16, in fact.

The experts got their data by searching  Fat Llama and Hurr Collective – two popular platforms used to rent out home items – and trawled through listings for everything from amps to marquees and guitars to tents. 

While tech equipment made up the majority of items listed – with speaker systems making you a potential £201 per item followed by projectors (£114), laptops (£101) and cameras (£88.50) -the list a range of transport and other household items.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at says: “People around the globe are becoming savvier with their money, but also more sustainable with their shopping. 

"Renting out your household items not only reduces the carbon footprint involved with buying something brand new but also prevents the number of items ultimately ending up in landfill. 

“With many of the items that are commonly owned being technology-based appliances, it’s important to remember to rent out your belongings safely – particularly in regards to items such as laptops and cameras.

Renting out your household items not only reduces the carbon footprint involved with buying something brand new but also prevents the number of items ultimately ending up in landfill.

"Ensure that any passwords, sensitive information, private images or important documents are wiped clean from your laptop or camera before sharing them with strangers to avoid any instances of fraud or theft. 

“Your belongings can make you money, but can also be of financial or even sentimental significance, so make sure your home contents are fully protected and you have the right cover.

"It’s also important to make sure you don’t invalidate your home contents insurance, so check your policy to make sure you can rent out your items worry-free.” 

So rather than burying items in storage where you'll never see them again, why not put them to use and earn some cash.

Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

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Average rental cost on household items

1 Designer dress £255.50
2 Marquee £252.50
3 Speaker system £201
4 Campervan £187.50
5 Drone £141
6 Designer suit £140
7 Projector £114
8 Laptop £101
9 Camera £88.50
10 Bike £88.50
11 Amplifier £81
12 Camera lens £58.50
13 DJ deck £52.50
14 Guitar £51.50
15 Electric keyboard (musical) £51
16 Microphone £36
17 Electric scooter £32.50
18 Tent £20
19 Designer bag £17.50
20 Sewing machine £16
21 Drum pad £15.50
22 Marquee heater £14.50
23 Sleeping bag £8.50

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