You could be in top 1% if you can spot the happy dog hiding in this pile of leaves in less than 30 seconds | The Sun

YOU could be in the top one per cent if you can find the happy pup perfectly concealed among this pile of leaves.

The playful pooch seamlessly blends in with its surroundings in this mind-boggling snap, leaving people stumped.

Somewhere among the heap of autumn leaves in Zurich, Switzerland, is a delighted dog proud to have retrieved his stick.

But due to the colour of his fur, he is extraordinarily camouflaged by the foliage in the city park.

The owner shared the incredible image to Reddit in the hopes of baffling some users with the brain teaser.

They challenged people to spot their "happy boy" in 30 seconds in the fun post that sparked a flurry of interest online.


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But Redditors were left stumped by the pup puzzle as the pet was amazingly disguised by the mound of leaves.

One wrote: "It's the autumnal Where's Waldo!"

Another said: "Sir you have posted a pile of leaves."

And a third added: "Ok seriously. Where is the dog?"

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The cute canine can be seen poking out of the pile of leaves with a stick in his mouth on the left hand side of the pic.

He perfectly lines up with the lampost seen behind him – and is seen beaming at the camera after winning the game of fetch.

Other eagle-eyed users said they were able to spot the sweet canine after a few moments of intense staring.

One said: "I was looking at this for way too long convinced there was no boy.

"Then I saw him and my goodness that face, it was more than worth it!"

A second commented: "I swear I can hear the leaves crunching! Found him right off btw! I think his joy made him glow a little."

And a third chimed in: "Aw! I found him. He's so happy."

Some even suggested the adorable snap in the Swiss city would make the perfect jigsaw puzzle.

We previously challenged readers to spot the camouflaged puppy hiding in the woods in this photo.

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The daring doggo had strolled through the trees and manged to expertly blend in among them.

Only a few perceptive pooch lovers were able to crack this confusing brain teaser.

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