You have 20/20 vision if you can find the remote hidden in the room in optical illusion in under 10 seconds | The Sun

ONLY those with the eyes of a hawk can spot the remote hidden in this tricky brainteaser in less than 10 seconds.

This tricky puzzle will test your eyesight with the block colors luring you into a false sense of confidence.

Living Cozy, a housewares and furniture review company, released a series of brainteasers designed for the upcoming season.

Each brainteaser is "interior-focused," as each is set in a different room.

While some believe the most tricky brainteasers involve crazy patterns and many similar shapes and colors, this depiction of an ordinary living room is deceiving.

The slightly cluttered space has bright, bold, and definable colors and very few confusing shapes and patterns.

A leafy plant is in the middle of the picture at the back with a couch on its left and a flat-screen TV on its right.

There are random objects lying on the coffee table and the sofa and somewhere among this is a television remote.

Can you spot it?

The black rectangular box is harder to spot than you may think.

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For those who have spotted the object on the sofa, do not be fooled into thinking the puzzle is that easy.

On the sofa is a phone that has been casually left on the cushions.

If you're still struggling try to focus your eyes on the lower left corner of the picture.

Here you will see a furry black feline sitting by the sofa and cleaning its paw.

The cat is hunched over the side of the circular rug under the coffee table.

The sweet household pet may know something you don't.

If you are still struggling look at the solution of the puzzle below.

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