You’re taking the mickey if you can’t spot the difference in these two Disney pictures in five seconds | The Sun

YOU are taking the mickey if you cannot spot the difference in these two Disney pictures in five seconds.

This deceitful optical illusion has puzzlers racing the clock to see who can spot the oddity first.

The brain teaser consists of two identical Disney illustrations, however, the picture on the right is slightly different.

It is your job to examine the finer details and spot the difference between the two.

Set your clocks to five seconds and give it a shot.

Can you spot the difference?


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If not do not worry, The Sun Online has the answer for you in the picture below.

If you look closely at the cartoon on the right, Minnie Mouse is missing a stipe on her apron, while Mickey has lost a shoe buckle.

If the mickey wasn't taken out of you in that test, why not have a go at this one.

Or, prove you have a top IQ by completing this spot the difference.

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