You’ve been relighting your candles all wrong – the right way means you can burn them for longer

WHO DOESN'T love lighting a candle at the end of the day to help you unwind as you sip on a glass of wine or cup of tea?

Well, apparently, you've even been doing that all wrong as a candle expert revealed the proper way to light a candle.

A candle expert, who has become very popular on social media and goes by the name of Sir Candle Man, explained that when we blow out our candles, a "mushroom wick" forms.

This is when the wick has clumps of burnt material at the tip.

When you light it up with the mushroom tip, you'll notice it takes several attempts to get it going at first.

Once you get it going, the flame starts firing off the clumps of burnt material and the flame tends to be bigger than normal.

"When you burn it like this, it's going to mess up the burn time and it's going to produce a lot of smoke," he told his followers in a video.

Next time, all you need to do is trim the wick for a clean burn.

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You can either purchase and use a candle wick trimmer or you can simply use a pair of scissors.

But owning a candle wick trimmer adds a whole level of sophistication to your candle game.

In a second video, he claimed that not trimming your wicks can also cause tunneled candles and soot inside the candle itself.

If you decided your friend needs a candle as a Christmas gift, a woman has revealed how to properly wrap it.

First, she placed the candle on its side before wrapping the paper around it.

She tapped it up with double-sided tape.

Now, to smooth down the sides, she first made eight cuts in the paper that stopped where the candle began.

Then, she pushed each bit of wrapping paper smoothly before taping it all down.

The result was the candle being perfectly wrapped without it needing a bunch of tape.

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