You've been treating mould all wrong – forget bleach or vinegar… this laundry product works & will keep your grout white | The Sun

A CLEANING fan has taken to TikTok to share her easy method to get rid of mould – and it won't leave your bathroom stinking of bleach or vinegar either.

Tamz, known online as @cleanwith_t, revealed she uses laundry stain remover to banish spots of mould in her bathroom. 

The Ace for Whites Stain Remover is available from various retailers, including The Range and Home Bargains, with prices starting from £1. 

In a new reel, she said: “Mould remover hack.”

During the 16-second video, Tamz is seen pouring the stain remover on a cotton pad, before leaving it to rest on top of the spots of black mould around her bath for up to two hours. 

She returns later to see that the mould has completely disappeared, and her grout looks bright white too. 


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Fans loved her quick and easy solution, with the video gaining more than 1000 likes and 19,900 views. 

In the comments, cleaning fans shared their reactions, with one writing: “Wow that’s brilliant.” 

Another said: “Oh I need to try that.”

A third wrote: “Thank you! I will test it because I have a problem with it too.”

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She’s not the only one sharing tips on how to treat mould – Anita took to TikTok to reveal the one place people always forget to check, and how she rids it using all-natural products. 

She said: “My mould mission hasn’t finished. 

“Today I came into my son’s bedroom to give it a little tidy, a little freshen up, and I could smell mould.

“So I came onto the bed, I lent back here, and I see mould on all the slats of his bunk bed.

“Lucky I know what to do! 

“One, wipe down with half isopropyl, half water solution. 

“Two, spray on my mould prevention solution. 10 drops [of] clove oil, 10 drops [of] tea tree oil, 100ml [of] white vinegar. 

“Leave it on to dry. Don’t wipe away!

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“Now my son can sleep safe and sound…”

Fans loved Anita’s hack, with the video gaining more than 1,100 likes and 56,800 views.

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