You’ve been washing your black jeans wrong… and you should NEVER use fabric softener

BLACK denim trousers are an absolute must in every wardrobe – they go with virtually anything and will never go out of fashion.

But if you own a pair, you will also know the struggle when washing them – more often than not, the colour seems to fade away, there are also leftover washing powder streaks that just wouldn't go away.

Luckily, a cleaning guru has shared her ABC of washing black jeans.

The Instagram-famous mum-of two, Carolina McCauley, is a self-proclaimed Home Hacks Queen, and has attracted over a million of fellow cleaning fanatics.

There are many tips online on how to look after your black denim and Carolina has revealed her top recommendations.


Her first tip is washing them inside out – doing so ensures any leftover washing powder won't be seen, since all the residue – if there's any – will be on the inside.

When it comes to doing laundry, it only feels natural to add a splash of fabric softener.

But, according to this cleaning whizz, it's a big no-no.

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Although they seem completely harmless, apparently, not only these scented laundry liquids are bad for you and the environment, but also your clothes, black denim included.

As well as potentially staining your favourite pair of jeans, fabric softener will also, over time, leave a waxy coating.

This coating will make it harder for water to permeate the fabric – which means unpleasant odours and stains will be more difficult to get rid of.

Instead, Carolina suggests using vinegar – simply fill the compartment halfway.

There are many benefits – it's significantly cheaper, there are no tannins so it won't cause any staining and white vinegar is also a great natural way to get rid of already existing stains.

Just like you would with whites, also make sure you only wash your black denim with other dark garments.

This is to ensure other lighter clothing pieces don't go darker.

Her next tip involves salt – yes, salt.

According to other cleaning gurus, Epsom salt acts as a natural scent booster and a fabric softener.

It also helps to maintain bright colours and can even eliminate sticky spots on your iron.

When it comes to picking the perfect temperature, the Home Hacks Queen insists washing in cold water is always better – as using hot water increases the chance of the dye seeping out of the fabric.

Although people were mostly praising Carolina for her tips, there were also a few critical viewers, like this one who commented: ''That sounds like more work than buying new ones as needed…''

Another added: ''*washes them normally nothing changes*.''

Some were also not so convinced with replacing fabric softener with a cooking ingredient: ''So you gonna have vinegar smelling black jeans 😂.''

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