11 Celebs Who Claim They've Had Alien Encounters

"My whole body felt like it had static electricity."

There’s a lot that remains unknown about our vast galaxy and what lies beyond — but there’s a number of people with some pretty convincing evidence that there just might be extraterrestrial life out there. And not only are these believers convinced that there’s life on other planets, but some even claim to have encountered aliens first hand. That includes a few celebrities who actually say that they’ve witnessed UFOs and made contact with the unknown. Whether these extraterrestrial encounters were legitimate is up for debate — but these stars definitely believe in the existence of aliens.

Find out what happened when these stars encountered aliens…

1. Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn once had a close encounter with aliens while she was taking a nap in a friend’s car after a dance rehearsal. When she suddenly heard a “high-pitched sound,” she looked out the window and saw strange figures.

“I saw these two or three triangular-shaped heads. They were silver in color, slash for a mouth, tiny little nose, no ears. They were pointing at me, pointing at me in the car as if they were discussing me, like I was a subject. And they were droning,” she said on an episode of Time to Walk on Apple Fitness+.

She continued, “I didn’t know if it was real or not real. And finally, I burst out of it. It was like bursting out of a forcefield. And of course, I go back to all the kids and stuff, and I went, ‘Oh, my God. I think I made contact with outer space.’ I mean, something like that.”

In the years that followed, Goldie continued to investigate her experience, eventually connecting with an astrophysicist who helped her remember more of what happened. Goldie realized the beings actually touched her face, which was “the most benevolent, loving feeling” and “filled with light.” While she admits she’ll “never know” exactly what happened, she says she “kind of likes it that way.”

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2. Kesha

Kesha is a firm believer in the extraterrestrial and an encounter with a UFO inspired her 2017 album Rainbow — which actually includes a song called “Spaceship.” She says she was in Joshua Tree National Park in California when she spotted a group of UFOs in the sky.

“I look up in the sky and there’s a bunch of spaceships. I swear to God, there were like five to seven, and I don’t know why I didn’t, like, try to take a picture of it — I just looked at it. I was sitting on a rock, and I was like, ‘What in the hell is that?’ I was trying to figure it out, and then they went away. And then they came back. I was like, ‘Those are f—ing aliens.’ They were spaceships!” she said on the Zach Sang Show.

3. Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves has always been interested in space and grew up looking at the sky with a telescope her father bought her. Since she’s always looking at what’s going on above her, she says she’s seen unidentified objects on a few occasions. One time, she was on the beach in Mexico for a friend’s wedding, when she saw what she believes was a UFO.

“I noticed something hovering above the corner of the hotel. In the night sky, it kind of looked like the underbelly of a bird. You couldn’t really see what it was. You know how around the outside edge of a hotel they sometimes have floodlights that point up into the sky? Whatever it was, it was being shined on by those,” she told NME.

She continued, “I was very confused by it, so I said, ‘Y’all, what’s that?’ We all watched it for a minute and then it changed shape into an X-pattern, like a windmill shape. It was so weird … Then it started glowing and doing things that nothing normal would do. It was crazy.”

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4. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is an alien enthusiast and believes she once made eye contact with an extraterrestrial being. While driving through California with a pal, Miley says they both saw a UFO in the sky which “chased” them down.

“The best way to describe it is a flying snowplow. It had this big plow in the front of it and was glowing yellow. I did see it flying, and my friend saw it, too. There were a couple of other cars on the road and they also stopped to look, so I think what I saw was real,” Miley shared with Interview magazine.

She continued, “I was shaken for, like, five days. It f—ed me up. I couldn’t really look at the sky the same. I thought they might come back … I didn’t feel threatened at all, actually, but I did see a being sitting in the front of the flying object. It looked at me and we made eye contact, and I think that’s what really shook me, looking into the eyes of something that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around.”

5. Matt Bellamy

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy believes he may have had an alien encounter in the English countryside. Matt says he had been driving home from a recording session late at night when he saw flashing lights in the woods. After that, he says he woke up at home and doesn’t recall the rest of the drive. While he admits it may have been something he was smoking, he thinks it could have been aliens too.

“I saw this flashing light that was in the woodland. And it was really unusual at that time of night, ’cause it was like one in the morning. What it was though, I remember just waking up at home, and to this day I don’t quite remember the journey from there home!” Matt shared with Radio X.

6. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a big believer in aliens and even once made a docuseries following their attempts at finding extraterrestrial life. They’ve now had many encounters with the unknown, including an experience where three beings showed up in her room in the middle of the night.

“So I woke up in my room and there was three beings. And then they were like, ‘Do you wanna see your planet?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s go!'” Demi said on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “So I like whooshed out of my room and was hovering over the planet. And then all of a sudden they’re like, ‘You wanna see our planet? And I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ Then I wooshed to this like pink and purple planet that I’ve never seen.”

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7. Tom DeLonge

Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge has been passionate about researching extraterrestrial life for decades. He even put his music career on hold to devote more time to the subject and founded To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, which has a division dedicated to the study of UFOs. Through the years, Tom has had many close encounters, including a strange occurrence during a camping trip to Nevada’s Area 51, where he woke up in the middle of the night, unable to move his body.

“My whole body felt like it had static electricity, and I open my eyes and the [campfire] is still going, and there’s a conversation going on outside the tent. It sounded like there were about 20 people there, talking,” Tom told The Hollywood Reporter. “And instantly my mind goes, ‘OK, they’re at our campsite, they’re not here to hurt us, they’re talking about shit, but I can’t make out what they’re saying. But they’re working on something.’ Then I close my eyes and wake up, and the fire is out, and I have about three hours of lost time.”

8. Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco was just a kid when he had an extraterrestrial experience. He says he was woken up in the middle of the night surrounded by what felt like electricity and unable to move. When it eventually stopped, he saw a black disk flying outside and was left with a mysterious scar.

“When I was 11, I definitely had an extra-worldly experience. I got a scar on the bottom of my ankle, and I don’t know where it came from — I never had surgery there, I never remember falling there. I’ve done martial arts my whole life, it could be something from that…[but] I remember waking up and just being shocked, like I was surrounded by all this electricity,” he said during an appearance on Power 106 FM.

He continued, “I was trying to call to wake my cousin up and roll out the bed and I couldn’t move, right? And then I was surrounded by this blue electricity, and then it stops and I look out the window and I see a black disc fly down in front of the window, sits there and then flies out.”

9. Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher believes she once had an experience with aliens — and it may have led her to her former husband Peter Marc. Looking back, she says that she and Peter had the same experience before they even knew each other.

“You know, it’s funny because Peter and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads. We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet. We both have this scar. It’s the exact same scar on the exact same spot,” Fran told the Huffington Post.

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10. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas didn’t believe in aliens until he had an encounter himself when he was a teenager. He believes he saw several UFOs while he was hanging out in his backyard with friends. While his friends didn’t believe it was something extraterrestrial, Nick was convinced.

“I am on board. When I was 14 maybe, I was in my backyard playing basketball with some friends and I looked up in the sky, and there was three flying saucers. Everyone was like, ‘It’s a movie set’ and I was convinced it was real. And I looked it up online and there was three identical sightings in other states. So I’m a firm believer in aliens,” Nick said on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

11. Post Malone

Post Malone is a believer in aliens and says that through the years, he’s had several close encounters. When he was just a kid, he claims that he and his cousin witnessed an unexplainable light speed off into the distance. Then, as an adult living in California, he says he once was standing on his balcony and saw a strange “forcefield” cover the city.

“I used to live in Tarzana… It looked kind of like, it sounds corny, but like a classic forcefield… it’s kind of like a dome in a circular shape. In Tarzana, looking down at the f—ing city. And I’m like, ‘How did no one else see this?’ But I was there with like f—in’ four other people, and they saw it too,” he said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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