12 Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Products 2021 | The Sun UK

TRADITIONAL laundry products have a lot to answer for when it comes to irritating both our skin and the environment – many are made with toxic chemical compounds that contribute to both water and air pollution.

The best eco-friendly laundry products are made without all those nasties, and also minimise environmental impact with clever packaging and refillable containers.

If you can't bear the thought of not using a liquid laundry detergent, then there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives that customers love, from brands like Method and Ecover.

In addition to detergent, both bio and non bio varieties, you'll also find eco fabric softener as well as recycled, and refillable, packaging options.

For those looking to reduce their plastic use even further with eco-friendly laundry products, soap nuts, laundry eggs and wool dryer balls are all becoming increasingly popular alternatives to liquid and powder softeners.

These not only minimise waste since they can be reused time and again, but they'll also save you money in the long run – an Ecoegg laundry egg can be used for over 200 washes until you need to refill the natural mineral pellets which clean your clothes.

Laundry subscription services – also eco-friendly – are on the rise too. Look out for brands like Smol and Splosh, which are delivered straight to your door each month.

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