12 Best reusable cotton pads you can buy in 2022: bamboo, microfibre, and machine-washable

COTTON pads are a staple when it comes to bathroom cabinets, and our beauty routines – except, despite being made of cotton, they're not as good for the planet as reusable ones as they're single use and often not sourced responsibly.

So that's where some of the best resuable cotton pads come in, as you simply wash and reuse them – plus, if you've got sensitive skin, many only need a splash of water to remove even the most stubborn mascara stains.

Climate change isn't going away, so we should all be trying to make aspects of our lives more sustainable, whether that's throwing out single-use water bottles and coffee cups, or cycling instead of driving.

Now's the time to bid a happy farewell to non-degradable, non-recyclable cotton pads too!

The benefits of reusable cotton pads isn't only the environment, they're also quite luxurious to use as they're made from microfibres or sustainable bamboo, making them gentle on your skin.

Plus, they'll help save you money on buying shed loads of cotton pads, and on make-up remover as a splash of water can help remove all sorts from our face.

One of our favourite parts? Most of them come packaged in sweet washable bags that will complement your bathroom-display of trendy necessities too.

There are so many different brands to choose from, which is why we have listed the best reusable cotton pads to buy now. We've even tested some out for you to save you from feeling, well, spoilt for choice. You and your beauty routine are so welcome.

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