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AS the weather warms up it's the perfect time to ditch the tumble dryer in favour of air drying outside.

Drying your clothes on a washing line is better for the environment and better for your clothes, keeping them fresh and avoiding the risk of accidental shrinking. It's also a cheaper way of drying your clothes, which is handy when energy costs are so high.

When looking for a washing line, there are a few factors to consider, like length, design and cost. Some of the top washing lines can be yours for under £15, so it's a fairly inexpensive purchase for the home. 

For those concerned about the environment, air-drying clothes on a washing line is also an easy way to reduce a rather large carbon footprint in the home.

A basic option is to buy a washing line with a steel core. Strong and resilient, these can be fastened to trees or fence posts.

If you want a more advanced option, consider a retractable washing line: these come as single or dual-length lines and are easy to mount to the wall.

If you need a washing line for travel, you can find peg-free versions, while those with tons of weekly washing might want to invest in a designer bells-and-whistles washing line from a trusted brand like Brabantia.

If you're not sure which clothes line to go for, read on for our roundup of the best washing lines available to buy now.

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