12 of the best Christmas gifts for pets

Humans get all the gifting attention during the Christmas period, but what about our beloved pets?

Cherished members of the family, pets deserve just as much festive adoration as the rest of us. Their unconditional love is priceless. Through thick and thin they are at your side and never judge your questionable life habits or decisions.

If you are sitting there and wondering what you could even buy your pet, never fear because the retailers of the land are here.

And they are catering to the needs of all pets big and small.

From non-alcoholic dog wine (made from herbs and perfectly safe) to a natural living playing tower for the smallest of house animals, there is no excuse not to treat them with some pet material goodness.

FuzzYard Dog Pyjamas

£23.95, dfordog.co.uk

Dog pyjamas? Nothing more needs to be said. We dare you not to cry as they make their Christmas Day debut dressed in this.

Barbour tartan quilted dog bed

£80, John Lewis

Barbour is a classic and so is your dog – treat them as such.

Sushi cat toys

£7.50, Marks & Spencers

Give your cat some love with these sushi cat toys that don’t make sense on paper but strangely do in reality.

Danish Design Kumfy Kradle radiator pet bed

£23.99, John Lewis

A pet bed that you can place on a radiator to keep your cat extra warm in the colder months? There needs to be an adult version of this ASAP.

Wild & Wolf reversible dog bandana

£6, Debenhams

Utterly adorable but also works as a great identifier if your dog was ever to get lost.

Plastic wicker cat bed

£40, Next

Cats like the good life and this wicker cat bed is luxury in pet form. We think it’s time to treat them like the kings and queens they are.

Natural Living playing tower

£15.51, Petstop

For the hamsters and smaller creatures of the world, this playing tower will change their daily lives. It might just change yours too.

Smart Fresh Auto Pet Feeder by PetKit

£150, Next

Getting tired of bending down every few hours to feed your dog or cat? Then this automatic pet feeder is as much of a gift to you as it is to them.

Luxury silver velvet bed

£56.99, Littlewoods

This luxury velvet bed is aesthetically pleasing, Instagram worthy and looks comfier than most human beds and couches. Could we get this in our size too?

Posh Pooch Non-Alcoholic Wine

£4, Oliver Bonas

Let the dog join the festive drinking activities with some non-alcoholic pooch wine. Made from an infusion of herbs, it is perfectly safe for them to drink. We advise pouring it into an actual wine glass for full effect. 

Pico Small Animal Exercise Wheel 

£12.99, Littlewoods

It might seem strange to give your pet the gift of exercise, but it actually is important. Plus, the electric purple of this particular wheel gives it the appearance of a disco light and in effect makes it a Barry’s Bootcamp for hamsters. 

Zoon Sage Sherpa Pet Comforter

£19.99, Argos

There is nothing like being wrapped in a soft blanket, and pets think the same. This version from Argos is big and full of sweet dreams, but remember it’s for the dog and not you.  

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