30 Rules You Didn't Know WWE Wrestlers Have to Follow

Of course, pro wrestlers have rules of engagement they must follow. For WWE Wrestlers, though, the rules get more strict, more confusing, and more out there. From dress codes to weird expectations depending on the state you’re in, pro wrestlers for the WWE have a lot to keep up with. While not all of them are “official” written-down rules to the organization, there are some alleged doozies fans have picked up on over the years.

Hitting, um, below the belt is said to not be allowed — at least not without special permission.

Blading occurs when a wrestler uses an object to create a cut on their body in order to make an injury appear more severe. It’s a no-no.

While some, like the Undertaker, are allowed to do piledrivers, they aren’t allowed for most wrestlers.

While you’d think wrestlers would be transported to matches by the company, most are actually independent contractors and that transportation, it’s all on them.

Just say no to having the crowd or other people interfere with a match unsanctioned.

For the WWE’s female superstars, there’s an alleged dress code during events. A dress and heels are a must at appearances.

Wrestling isn’t boxing, and that’s underscored by a no closed fists rule even if it’s not always strictly enforced.

Wrestling fans know that stars use props, but they’re said to only be allowed if they’ve been pre-approved.

Social media is monitored by the WWE and with any official post related to storylines, guidance is provided.

If you’ve been watching wrestling for a while, you know the WWE has become more family friendly. This means no cursing for its stars.

When appearing in public capacities, wrestlers don’t use their real names and instead must use their stage names since it’s an official event.

One of the unwritten, alleged rules that’s somewhat common sense is that you don’t steal signature moves from other athletes.

If a wrestler is injured and gets a cut, the match can’t continue unless it’s able to be sealed.

During entrances, wrestlers tend to hype up their appearance, but they can’t stand on the ropes. While this rule isn’t strictly enforced, it allegedly does exist.

Wrestlers have a dress code during appearance and are required to wear business casual at a minimum.

Wrestling values safety, and that’s why chokeholds are a no go.

Announcers have to maintain the brand during shows, and this includes only using wrestlers’ official name and not say words like “backstage” to maintain the illusion of reality.

The WWE takes its reputation seriously, and if the company deems an appearance improper for a star, they can prevent them from doing it.

Yes, this is reportedly true. Wrestlers can’t wear blue bottoms if they have an appearance on a Wednesday in North Carolina.

According to reports, Vince McMahon allegedly hates sneezing, and people will avoid doing it if the can.

In a California town named Carmel, high heels aren’t allowed in the ring without a permit.

Current WWE wrestlers are required to participate in WWE sanctioned shoots.

Essentially, it appears that wrestlers are in something of a non-compete contract. They allegedly can’t be seen supporting other shows while working for the WWE.

While part-time employees — like the wrestlers — date one another, there’s allegedly a rule that disallows full-time, like production staff, and part-time employees from dating.

Allegedly, wrestlers have been punished for touching McMahon without permission.

Since so much within the WWE is scripted, the company allegedly restricts political posts so they don’t appear to endorse any particular position. However, the WWE has said that they do not require the passwords or account access to their stars’ accounts in order to strictly monitor them.

Announcers can’t use any sort of pronoun when referring to talent. According to reporting, it’s all about the WWE brand and that means always using names.

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