5 Best rum advent calendars you can buy in 2021

THERE is nothing more delightful than counting down the days to Christmas with an advent calendar full of our favourite goodies.

The best rum advent calendars are a fantastic gift for rum lovers, so they can enjoy their favourite tipples and discover new rums as well in the festive season.

Typically, you'll find rum advent calendars with either 12 windows, or 24.

The beauty of a rum advent calendar is that it's not just a tasting experience: it's a geography and history lesson, where you can find out about rums from around the world, as well as learning all about what you're drinking from the tasting notes.

Rum advent calendars offer a selection of rum drams, from spiced, to dark, navy strength, and more – so you're bound to find a new variety you like, or favourite to stock up your booze cabinet with.

Extra special rum advent calendars even feature drams of rum – ranging from 5ml up to 20ml, and beyond – of hand-picked, exclusively bottled rum especially for that brand. So, you're likely to come across a range of super rare rum that'd be tricky to get your hands on otherwise.

Popular rum advent calendars include The Original Rum Box's 24 Days of Rum as well as Drinks by the Dram's festive options.

Bottoms up.

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1. The Original Rum Box

  1. 24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar (2021 edition), £79.99 at Amazon – buy here

This well-rated rum advent calendar includes 24 rums from 24 different countries, two rum glasses and tasting notes.

On each day during the festive season, sip and savour a 20ml bottle of rum before rating it out of five stars on the brand's dedicated micro-site.

The site holds interactive discussions and Q&A's over the season too, and if a rum becomes a favourite, the rum lover has options to buy them.

Fans compliment the design, quality, and the size of each measure of rum.

"All sorts of rums, dark, golden, flavoured, from all over the world. Each day [is] a surprise,' one fan says.

"We taste it first then look up the information on the supporting website. Lovely antidote to winter weather. Definitely will look out for this next year," they added.

2. Drinks by the Dram

  • 12 Dram Premium Rum Collection, £45 at Master of Malt – buy here

This 12-day premium rum collection, available at Master of Malt, features a selection of tempting rums for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Behind each door lies a 30ml, wax-sealed dram of rum, hand-picked from rum connoisseurs.

With a variety top rums from around the globe, expect brands like Doorly's, Don Q and Veritas, among others.

3. Drinks by the Dram

  1. Rum Advent Calendar (2021 Edition), £149.95 from Master of Malt – buy here

Drinks by the Dram strikes again! This luxury rum advent calendar by Drinks by the Dram is a unique gift for a really special someone this Christmas.

It contains an exclusive, hand-picked selection of 24 hand-waxed drams (30 ml apiece) spanning the whole variety of rum, from spiced, to navy strength, to light and dark options.

There's a range of world-renowned and award-winning rums, alongside boutique, indie distilleries behind each door so you're bound to find a new (or old!) favourite.

2. Dead Man's Fingers

  • Dead Man's Fingers 12 Day Rum Advent Calendar, £49.95 from Amazon – buy here

This Dead Man's Fingers advent calendar contains 12 x 50ml unconventional flavoured and spiced rums, perfect for any rum fan that likes to explore new flavours.

Made by the brand Hard to Find Whisky, the flavours include (*spoiler alert*) coffee, hazelnut and coconut. At under £50, it's one of the more wallet-friendly options available this Christmas.

5. Rum's Revenge

  • Rums Revenge 12 Day Advent Calendar (2021 edition), £249.95 from Amazon – buy here

At around £250, this isn't your average rum advent calendar. This exquisite gift is sure to delight any rum lover this festive season with its range of super rare, hard-to-find rums.

Inside the keep-sake treasure chest is 12 rare, 5ml drams of rum that are designed to be sipped neat, but are sure to liven up any mixer, too.

Rum's Revenge has hand-picked the best, single-cask rums for your tasting pleasure that have been exclusively bottled for this calendar.

Also included in the price is a skull glass – to really make you feel like a pirate sipping your best treasure – a rum treasure map, a pin and even a hidden treasure.

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum… or 12!

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How much are rum advent calendars?

Rum advent calendars are on the pricier side, but they're not just your average advent calendar with flimsy doors and sub-par chocolate – they often feature super rare, hand-picked drams of tasty rum. So they're worth the price, and really do make a special gift.

If you're looking to spend sub-£55, choose a rum advent calendar with 12 – a full month of rum tasting will be pricier, with calendars typically starting at £80, and going up to £150, or even £300.

Where to buy rum advent calendars?

When it comes to buying a rum advent calendar, either for yourself (no judging here) or for a rum-loving friend, there are a few reliable places you can look.

We would recommend heading on over to Amazon, for a wide selection at affordable prices, and then Master of Malt, followed by Drinks by the Dram.

What to look for in rum advent calendars?

Don't settle for less when it comes to this year's rum advent calendar. To avoid disappointment, we recommend looking for a calendar that offers a hand-picked selection of good-sized drams that are interesting, and a little tricky to find.

You don't want to open a day knowing you could have bought the dram down the corner shop, so do some research and check out if the calendar features special, rare or exclusive drams from around the world.

You want to have a fun, boozy geography lesson on your tasting experience, right? It is sure to make the countdown to Christmas way more fun…

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