A Mom-Shaming War Broke Out in Jessica Simpson's Comments Section

The mom shamers were out in full force last week when Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her four-month-old daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson.

“This bird couldn’t be more adorable #BlueEyedBeauty#BIRDIEMAE,” she captioned a sweet photo of the bright-eyed tot strapped into what appeared to be a stroller.

However, soon after posting several of Simpson’s followers chimed in about potential safety risks — because the randos on the internet always know best!

One commenter pointed out that the buckle was in the wrong place in case of a car accident (which many countered with, “SHE’S NOT IN A CAR”).

Jessica Simpson embed

Another bold Instagram denizen wrote, “Straps on this car seat do not provide correct support.”

Jessica Simpson embed

Again, cue the ensuing rebuttal from those on Team Stroller.

Jessica Simpson embed

Naturally, as a mom in the public eye, this isn’t the first time Jessica has felt the wrath of social media’s parenting police. Just a couple weeks ago Simpson was shamed for letting her 7-year-old dye the ends of her hair purple.

Let Jess (and her kids) live!

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