A Peek Inside Millie Bobby Browns Atlanta Home

 Born in Andalusia, Spain, Millie Bobby Brown moved with her family to England before they shifted base to Florida. The actress was just nine years of age when she began acting and snagged guest roles in various television shows. Brown appeared in minor roles for shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. Her fame hit the roof in 2016 after being cast as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The sci-fi thriller became an instant worldwide phenomenon, earning critical and commercial success. She also began endorsing various brands and her role as an executive producer for her projects. With her $14 million net worth, she has also launched her make-up line with eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Over the last five years, Mille Bobby Brown has become a youth icon and one of Hollywood’s most influential young actors. While her life has been under constant media scrutiny, she prefers to enjoy a simple life at home with her family in Atlanta. A home for the family, let’s take a look at Mille Bobby Brown’s beautiful home in Atlanta.

A Cozy Space For The Family

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Millie Bobby Brown has lived in many homes since she was born in Spain. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she grew up in Bournemouth, England, before moving to Orlando, Florida, when she was just eight. At nine, Brown had already begun auditioning for television shows and movies. When the actress became a global star with Stranger Things, her family moved base to Atlanta, Georgia, to settle closer to California but away from the flashing cameras. Her home can often be seen through her family snaps posted on Instagram.

The entrance of her home features a double ceiling and a staircase to the side. Her house is painted in neutral shades of beige with carpeted stairs. During special holidays, the banisters of her home are decorated with Christmas ornaments for a festive delight. Brown was photographed sitting with her siblings wearing matching red pajamas during her Christmas festivities, as noted by The Sun. The expansive living room has arched windows for ample sunlight to drench the space, an electric fireplace, a wall-mounted LED television, and a white couch that matches the furniture. The actress has often shared snippets of the room through her photographs with the family pets.

Privacy Above Everything

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The home is expected to have a large kitchen and dining space to accommodate her family of six for dinners and comfortable bedrooms for their stay. As Brown is often swamped with meetings and social media commitments, the actress has an elegant and organized bedroom to herself featuring gray and white furnishings. While her home has a traditional recreational space, Brown’s bedroom is drenched with a modern interior. It features windows with blinds, nightstand lamps, and a large queen-size bed.

After establishing her skincare line Florence by Mills in 2019, the actress posted videos of her skincare routine on social media that she recorded in her bedroom. In 2021, she was interviewed virtually from her home, wherein she posted an unfiltered photo of herself to let people know to embrace their natural beauty to express themselves, as stated by Yahoo Style. Brown shared the products she uses: a face mist, lip balm, cream blush, and mascara. Her ensuite bathroom features beige walls with an arched window near the shower space. Additionally, the bathroom has a bathtub, as Brown has admitted to loving baths more than showers.

A Space For Creative Escapades

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There is no traditional home complete with a backyard, and Brown’s house has ample open space with a white picket fence. The actress often shares videos and photos of herself playing with her pets on sunny days in Atlanta. Her lush garden has a manicured lawn with space for her younger sibling to ride her bike. Along with living in her Atlanta home, the actress also splits her time between renting a home in Los Angeles and spending time with her extended family in England. She often takes long walks on the beaches in California for a relaxing evening.

Due to the added pressure of becoming famous at a young age, Millie Bobby Brown preferred to stay grounded and live with her parents. As mentioned by Cosmopolitan, her father, Robert Brown, is a real estate agent, while her mother, Kelly, is a homemaker. Millie has two older siblings, Charley and Paige, and a younger sister Ava. Her sister Paige is active on social media with a large fan following. The family endured struggling times while spending their time between America and the UK until Brown landed the role of a lifetime with Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown has a humble yet elegant home in Atlanta, where she lives with her nuclear family in the suburbs. The actress stayed in the same abode during the COVID-19 lockdown and enjoyed being around her siblings. As Brown continues actively working on her business and projects, she most recently reprised her role as Enola Holmes for the hit Netflix sequel released in October 2022.

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