A tax refund is great, but deciding how to spend the money is stressing me out

DEAR DEIDRE: I SHOULD be thrilled at my tax rebate but deciding what to do with the money is making me anxious.

Last month I got a genuine email from HMRC telling me I’m owed £1,800. I was thrilled.

After being made redundant late last year, cash has been a worry ever since.

But now deciding how to spend it is giving me real anxiety. I’ve started having panic attacks and wake up most nights dripping in sweat.

I’m a man of 25.

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I have a loan of £1,300 to pay off and £900 on a credit card. I owe my parents £500, from when they paid my rent last month.

Any suggestions?

DEIDRE SAYS: You will be paying interest on the loan and charges on your credit card, so I would make paying these off the priority.

Explain to your parents why they may have to wait for their money. They will understand.

Once you are earning again, make a manageable repayment schedule to help you feel more in control.

I am sending you my support packs Solving Debt Problems and Living With Anxiety to help.

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