Aldi Has A BUNCH Of Wines Under $8, Including A Sparkling Rosé

If you aren’t aware, National Wine Day is coming up on May 25, which is conveniently on a Saturday this year. But, regardless of whether you’re celebrating the "holiday" (or whether you celebrate your own National Wine Day every Friday after work), you might be interested to know that Aldi has bottles of wine for under $8. And not just one or two different types, but many of the wines the grocery store offers come in under eight bucks.

Aldi is known for having good deals, specifically when it comes to alcohol. And there have been a wide variety of options, ranging from a well-respected rosé to some more questionable-sounding options.

In 2017, Aldi’s rosé, Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016, got the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards — and it really was a great value at only $8. The store has also had a wine Advent calendar, bottles of orange and pineapple mimosas for $9, and chocolate wine, which tasted of "dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate."

Obviously, those examples won’t appeal to everyone (especially that chocolate wine), so if you’re looking for something more classic, here are nine wines Aldi is selling for under $8. (Keep in mind that wine is only available at some Aldi locations. You can find out if the Aldi near you sells wine on the store locator.)

Evanta Malbec — $3.99

Evanta Malbec is a medium-bodied red wine from Argentina that has "dark fruit and plum on the nose with ripe strawberries and a subtle spiciness." It "pairs well with skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, grilled red meat, chorizo, bratwurst, hamburgers, and empanadas."

Vinho Verde — $4.99

This Portuguese wine "features aromas and flavors of apples and pear that lead to a refreshing, well-balanced finish." Aldi suggests having it with fish, pasta, salad, or just by itself.

Landshut Riesling — $5.49

Aldi says, "This exquisite, well-balanced Riesling has a fruity bouquet with flavors of apricot and peach. Perfect accompaniment to light meals, desserts or simply on its own."

Giretto Pinot Grigio — $5.49

Giretto Pinot Grigio has "aromas of pear, apple and yellow plum, with crisp fruit salad flavors and a hint of spice. Pairs well with shellfish, salads and soft cheeses or serve by itself." Also, it has a cute bike on it.

Arosa Sparkling Moscato Rosé — $5.99

This Italian wine has "aromas and flavors of strawberries and bright cherries." Aldi suggests enjoying it as an aperitif or with fresh fruit or dessert.

William Wright Chardonnay — $6.99

"Bright pear and tropical fruit flavors with buttery and toasty oak. Pairs well with poultry, fish, seafood, soft cheeses and pasta salads." What is "buttery and toasty oak" like, exactly? Find out for yourself!

Intermingle Red Blend — $6.99

"Top notes of jam-like blackberry and fresh raspberry add a vibrancy" to this red wine blend while "mid notes of red fruits give a full body, balancing out a bottom layer of firm tannins. Pairs well with grilled meat and chicken."

La Rue Côtes de Provence Rosé — $7.49

La Rue Côtes de Provence Rosé is a "dry, full-bodied rosé" and features "the fresh taste of red fruits with hints of strawberry." It pairs well with salad, fish, and seafood.

Belletti Prosecco — $7.99

This Prosecco has "soft and fruity peach and pear notes, with breezy apple peel and lemon zest." And it’s said to pair with a whole bunch of things: "seafood, chicken, pasta with cream sauce, spicy Asian dishes, mild cheeses, as an apertif, or simply on its own."

See? Whether you like red, wine, rosé, or bubbles, there’s something for all of us cheapskates who want our wine good, but cheap.

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